Torin, Aiden & Steve

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Bringing back Torin and Steve I wanted to see if I could get them to do another shoot for us on camera and take things a little further. Since they started here with Broke Straight Boys we capped the work that they have done and both had interesting stories behind coming to us. Steve's house burnt down in a fire, leaving him with no place to stay, no clothes, and no job. Torin and his girlfriend were kind enough to take Steve in while he got back onto his feet. Another issue that Steve had was that his car was in the garage during the fire so that has to be replaced as well, but he did have insurance so that will get him some money. Torin was the one that suggested that Steve do some porn to get back on his feet, and little did Torin know that he would be joining in as well. I asked the two of them if they knew why they were in the studio to do a shoot, and I came right out in telling them that I wanted oral to happen between them. Neither one gave me a direct yes, it was Torin that declined first. I brought up the fact that in the last shoot when the gay boy sucked his dick, he seemed to like it and he made an extra $100. Torin wouldn't admit to it, and that's when Steve spoke up saying that he wanted to know how much money they would make. I came right out giving the boys how much I was going to pay them for oral to happen between the two of them of $1000 a piece. Torin wasn't very satisfied with that amount and so I backed down and just said that he had to receive and that Steve would be giving. Right then there was a knock at the door, and in walked Aiden our blonde little gay boy ready to help out. Aiden jumped right in there and started talking to the straight boys about sucking cock. Torin didn't like the idea of sucking a gay guy's dick, and he wasn't to fond of sucking on his straight buddy's dick either. I think that Steve was just nervous about the whole thing. When I told Steve that it would be better than eating pussy, and he didn't really jump on board with that idea. However, I gave Steve a little more money and he was ready to put his buddy's cock in his mouth for the first time. The boys changed position on the couch and Steve reached over to feel Torin's cock outside his pants to work on getting him hard. Aiden helped out in getting the porn on for them to watch. Torin peeled off his shirt and stood up to take his place in front of Steve. Next, Torin took off his pants and boxers, then Aiden moved in behind him to help guide the cock into Steve's mouth. All was thought to be fine until Torin freaked out having a gay boy touch his ass. Steve started to suck the cock that was right in front of his face and Aiden was giving him step by step instructions on what to do. Aiden even placed his hand on the back of Steve's neck to control the speed and depth. Next, the gay boy had Steve watch him demonstrate on the things that he could try to make the blow job better. Tips were given in deep-throating, cock and balls licking, and stroking action. Steve moved back into place to try out the skills he was just instructed on how to do. I then had Aiden strip out of his clothes and Steve was going to get a chance to suck on gay boy's dick for a few minutes. Aiden wasn't completely hard to start off, so we were going to get a great opportunity to see how the oral was going. Steve received some great compliments from Aiden about giving oral for the first time. From there Aiden told the straight boys that he had a new idea, and he needed them to move around. That's where he had them form a train on the couch of dick sucking. Steve started out sucking on Aiden's cock who was sitting in the middle, and then Aiden got turned on and sucked on Torin's cock who was sitting on the end of the couch. Aiden mentioned the thought that if Aiden could suck cock this well that Torin must be just as good, he just has been a little shy on camera. I told Torin that I would give him $1500 to try sucking cock for the first time and I wanted him to suck on Steve's dick. To have the two straight buddies take their relationship to the next level. Steve just warned Torin not to bite it, and so Torin reached up and jerked the cock a couple of times before putting it in his mouth. He started with only putting the tip in his mouth, and then he got to having about half of the cock in his mouth. Steve wasn't fully hard yet, but I wanted Torin to earn that money, so he had a lot of cock to suck for it. For a chance to help out Torin, Aiden moved down to the floor to suck on his dick. Then, Steve and Aiden turned Torin into their little bitch and had him trade off on sucking their dicks at the same time. It was hot watching this whining, bitchy, straight boy suck cock. Aiden then took his place in the middle of the straight boys and sucked their two dicks at the same time, and then Aiden said that he really needed a facial. The guys took over stroking their own cocks and it took no time for Torin to shoot his load all over Aiden's face with most of it landing all over this mouth. A few minutes later Steve was able to cum as well, and his was more under control landing right in the middle of Aiden's face. Afterwards Aiden wiped his face off and then was able to get off his self, and I admitted that this shoot was one of my favorites. I asked Aiden what kind of grade he would give the straight boys and he said that Steve would get a "B." While Torin only got a "C" overall it wasn't bad in Aiden's point of view. I asked if the boys would be willing to come back to do anal and to my surprise Torin was first to speak up in saying that they have done everything else, what did they have to lose. I told them that we would talk off camera and see if we could arrange something.

Aiden Rogers

Aiden Rogers


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.5 (17cm)

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