Benjamin Dunn come-back and FUCKED!

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Staxus - Benjamin Dunn come-back and FUCKED!

Benjamin Dunn… One of my all-time favorites is back!!!

Having enjoyed something of a sabbatical in recent times, STAXUS favourite, Benjamin Dunn, clearly couldn’t wait to get back in front of the camera when he heard about studio exclusive, Alessandro Katz. Seems like he couldn’t wait to get his share of that pert little butt; and having shared a little time outdoors with the fellow – kissing and canoodling like a pair of star-crossed lovers – he’s straight down to action once inside. Indeed, he clearly can’t wait to give the new boy’s pucker a close inspection – his ambition made all the easier by the fact that Katz is donning a jockstrap. Having taken a little time to rim the lad’s hole, however, Dunn has soon turned his attention back to Katz’s impressive shaft, which he promptly coaxes out of those tight-fitting pants.

Cue a deliciously hot display of fellatio that quite literally leaves the younger man’s head spinning; before the pairing finally couple off together in a stupendous 69-ing session that will almost certainly have you stroking away like fuckin’ crazy! But the climax to proceedings only comes when Dunn finally establishes his complete dominance of the situation by thrusting his handsome, uncut ramrod deep into that novice’s arse – a move that clearly delights Katz, who is quite literally left gaping in response.

No doubt about it, Dunn proves himself the total top here; underlining his credentials by ultimately creaming his buddy’s ass with jizz, then sinking his spent rod back inside. No bloody wonder that Katz – his hole still stained with spunk! – can’t wait to unburden a violent wad of goo all over his own stomach!

Benjamin Dunn come-back and FUCKED!

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What a perfect match ! Benjamin Dunn is back. Wonderful. And Alessandro…yes yes yes this time ! Great chemistry during kissing and the oral, and Alessandro’s ass is unquestionably good for guys as Benjamin, guys that know how to fuck, not just to perform. Great moment of sex. Indeed. Congratulations, boys ! …Oh just 2 more things : funny detail when Benjamin has his cock inside Alessandro’s undies and…finally…the adorable doggy-style…even Alessandro “fucks” Benjamin 🙂

This is so emotional & Alessandro wanted to be loved by Ben who gave him love in return. I echo all that Vaclav has said & give thanks to the producers for a remarkable bringing together of these sexy Boys.
Nice video. Alessandro is a hot twink that really loves here to give his flexible hole to well endowed old timer Benjamin Dunn doing a good job as always. Congrats to all !

Nice to see Benjamin back after along absence since he appeared last time in fall 2015 aside from the transe rubbish washout in april. Alessandro seems to be a passionate bottom , he enjoys his hole beeing bounced hard. …and this isn`t the easiest task if you think of Benjamins enormous huge dick..:-) Nice,very nice 4,5 of 5

I love all the hot making out at the start of this scene. I’m also glad that they kept the sexy underwear on for a long time. That makes it even more a seductive tease for me. This is one of the hottest scenes ever, in my opinion. Perfect 5 stars!

Great =) and Alessandro looked extra nice now that he has trimmed his pubes =)

Gave this another view today. I really liked the downward doggystyle in the end of the scene, there is something very erotic to see a bottom give up all control to the top =)

Staxus - Benjamin Dunn come-back and FUCKED!
Benjamin Dunn come-back and FUCKED! JOIN NOW

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