Jacob, Gabe and Tobi, Couldn’t Wait To Play

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Toe Sucking Guys - Jacob, Gabe and Tobi, Couldn't Wait To Play

Hey, these young men, eastern european twinks named Jacob, Gabe and Tobi, simply just want to have a good time. The one friend of theirs clearly has a foot fetish. This shouldn’t be held against him because it turns him on and makes him super horny and have a good time with the other boys.

All three of these hot and sexy boys are twinks, my favorite, and turn me on a ton.

What starts as a friendly card game quickly turns into a amazingly hot threesome fuck session in this clip of three foot loving buddies. As the video starts the three are playing a game, sharing heated glances as they lay down their cards. When the hand is over the looks they give one another are even more suggestive, and two of them lay next to each other on a couch while the third kneels at their feet which are clad in white socks, the outline of their long toes easily seen.

He nuzzles the soles of their slightly dirty socks, breathing in deeply and clearly enjoying their manly stink. Soon he peels off their socks to give himself better access to their big smooth feet, licking over the tops of their sensitive hairless feet until he reaches their big toes, alternating between slipping first one big toe and then the other in his mouth. The pair look on, becoming more and more aroused as they pull their huge uncut cocks out of their jeans so they can run their hands back and forth over their stiff rods.

As the hot threesome continues soon they are moving on to licking and stroking each other’s rock hard dicks, rubbing their feet together while they expertly suck one another off. Finally one of the hotties thrusts his big cock into his friends tight fuck hole while the other two lick and stroke one another. They continue until they all reach the climax they crave, spurting sticky cum all over each other.

I like watching these boys let their friend smell their socks, rub their feet and suck on their toes. A foot fetish like this can really enhance the sexual response in the boy’s brain and make scenes like this one even hotter for everyone involved.

The boys kiss, touch each other, make out during the session and have a lot of fun together. The best part about having three of them is there’s no shortage of fun and excitement to be had. There’s always someone in the group that loves giving head, getting fucked and fulfilling their quirky fetishes.

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Toe Sucking Guys

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SCORE: 91 1 Jul, 2015
Toe Sucking Guys - Jacob, Gabe and Tobi, Couldn't Wait To Play
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