About Me

So… you’re really enjoying my site… If not, why the hell would you want to find out more about me?

Well, everyone knows me on the web by Gay Porn Lover. Yeah, that’s right… 10 years ago… I started to browse around and I really started getting into this all Web thing.

That is the main reason my daily job is Building websites on my own company.

A few info about myself…

You can call me Tony. I am 29 years old… And I love sharing and writing gay related posts.

I’m not quite sure what you’re “hunting” for, but, if you don’t mind, pass by my Gay Reviews website, I’m sure there is a deal there for you!

If you’re a webmaster, and want to exchange links or send your suggestions, or whatever… use the following form, and I’ll promise I’ll be in touch soon!

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