Brandon Beal

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Brandon Beal is the new boy in town and he has decided to 'explore' a little by coming into the studio to do a solo jerk off. He is 18 years old, stands at 5' 10" while his cock is a good seven inches, however, on a good day, Brandon says it can be seven and a half inches. Brandon still lives with his parents so he doesn't need money for rent but he does need a reliable car so he can take his girlfriend out. Surprisingly, Brandon hasn't had sex with his girlfriend yet, which is driving him to jerk off more than usual, Brandon admitting that he is now tugging on his cock three times in a row… one after the other. To get the ball rolling, I told Brandon to slowly unbutton his grey shirt while telling the Broke Straight Boys viewers of his first jack off experience. Sure enough, Brandon unbuttoned his shirt and took it off in a leisurely fashion, all the while, describing how he first starting jerking off aged twelve while at his Grandfather's house and that although he had known what jerking off was for a few years, he was surprised to see his cum for the first time. Brandon said that nowadays, he normally thought of his girlfriend when tugging on his cock even though they were still to get up to the sex part of their relationship. He went on to say that they were both taking it slowly as they wanted the relationship to last. Brandon raised his arms, putting his hands behind his head as he tossed up between his back and his 'sex lines' being his favorite part of his body. Turning around, Brandon flexed his back, showing off his well defined shoulders before pulling down his jeans and jiggling his full ass cheeks. As he made his ass cheeks dance, Brandon gave himself a solid slap on the ass, all the while, grinning widely. Facing the camera, Brandon started to undo his jeans as he described being hit on by another guy for the first time. He pulled his cock out of his jeans and started playing with it even as he told of how he does an impression of being gay while out with his friends at times. Brandon then paused his story to tug his jeans right down to his ankles before continuing on by saying that he ordered a hotdog on a stick and when it was ready, the cashier had written down his phone number for Brandon to call. Although he didn't call the cashier and he hasn't played around with another guy before, Brandon did admit that he had had other guys offer him a blowjob. The idea of a guy being able to deepthroat has piqued his interest though. Now, however, it was time for Brandon to strut his stuff. Brandon lay down on the sofa and started to jerk off in a more serious way as he worked on getting his cock rock hard. Like most of the boys who apply to BSB, he was rock hard in only a matter of a couple of minutes. With his cock pointing towards the ceiling, I had Brandon stand up so that there was a better view of his dick. His eyes closed, Brandon was off in his own private fantasyland as his hand slid up and down his thick cock shaft. After a moment, he sat back down and pulled out a maneuver that had only been seen a few times before; the double handed jerk off. As he got more turned on, Brandon started to get a little rougher in the way he tugged on his cock, his balls bouncing up and down against his thighs. Swapping from hand to hand, Brandon clearly getting closer to cumming as his breathing was ragged. Laying down again and resting on one elbow, Brandon's hand flew up and down his shaft as he chased an orgasm. Panting heavily, he put in some hard wrist action as he prepared to topple over the edge. Suddenly, cum shot all over Brandon's chest before dribbling down to his stomach even as he twitched from the effort. Before I let Brandon get cleaned up, I told him to show me his butt hole. Lifting his legs up, Brandon spread his ass cheeks and showed off his virgin hole.

Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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