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Today, at Broke Straight Boys, I've decided to bring back JJ. Being straight, he was having a difficult time getting used to doing gay porn so I decided to surprise him and throw him in the deep end. It was time to see what this straight boy was made of. Since he had already done an anal scene before, I arranged to have Kevin, Leon and Mike R join JJ in doing a hardcore gangbang. JJ was not impressed with the idea at all. I gave him some time to think about it and got an update on the other boys; Kevin now considered himself 'gay for pay' along with Mike R while Leon was still a hard one to work out. I got the guys to strip down to their underwear and start getting themselves hard while the porn played. It didn't take long for Kevin and Mike to get rock hard so I had Kevin start sucking on JJ's cock while Mike did the same for Leon, both guys jerking themselves off at the same time. Mike gives great head so Leon was rigid in only a minute or two while Kevin was worked overtime on JJ. The guys positioned themselves to do the famous BSB blowjob wave, where each guy sucks the cock of the person next to him. All the boys were doing well, Mike just relaxing as Leon kept him hard. I then had them switch sides, and it was Kevin's turn to enjoy JJ sucking on his cock. We tried something a little different at BSB today; a daisy chain on the floor. Kevin, JJ, Mike and Leon got on the floor, in a circle, and sucked cock. The guys were really into it, and I had them do oral for longer than normal as it was going to be a very intense shoot so I needed them to be as hard as possible. Once they were as hard as they were going to be, the straight boys opened up the futon and organised themselves to start fucking. With Kevin behind JJ and Mike behind Leon, the real action started. Mike had Leon moaning from the first moment, setting up a steady rhythm while Kevin was finding it hard going as JJ was very tight and from JJ's face, it was clear he was in some pain. Once in though, Kevin just started pounding away, the futon shaking as two boys got thoroughly fucked. It was time to for a flip flop and for Kevin to get his ass broken in by Leon, Mike taking over with JJ. As Leon was trying to get his cock in super tight Kevin, JJ was groaning in some discomfort as Mike pounded his ass. After a few minutes, Leon was all the way in Kevin, the straight boy former virgin taking cock for the first time like a true champ, holding steady even as Leon set a hard pace. Mike flipped JJ on to his back as it was obvious that JJ was feeling too much pain in the doggie position; hopefully, the new position would allow JJ to experience some pleasure while being fucked. I gotta say though, both JJ and Kevin were doing pretty well, even when Leon changed to a standing position with Kevin bent over, Mike next to them holding JJ's legs in the air as they also fucked. Kevin and Leon were proving to be versatile as they changed once more, this time, Kevin on his back. It wasn't long before Mike pulled out, jerking off and cumming over JJ's stomach, only a minute later, Leon was also cumming all over Kevin's cock and hand. Now it was time for the bottom boys to do their cum shots. Both were pulling their cocks furiously, JJ shooting over his chest while Kevin's cum splattered in his pubes. I thanked the guys for doing a great scene and hope that I can get these four into another scene together not too far in the future.




  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 165 (75 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.5 (19cm)

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