Gay Foot Fetish Appreciation While Shopping Can Be Fun

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Toe Sucking Guys - Gay Foot Fetish Appreciation While Shopping Can Be Fun

I’ve never seen something so hot before.

These two guys are shopping at a sex shop and decided it would be a great idea to have some fun while browsing the aisle ways.

Robby Rodriguez is arrainging some hot gay videos at a store when lean twink hottie Erik West sandaled feet catch his eye.

He can’t help but eye Erik’s long toes, totally revealed by his open toes sandals.

Luckily for Robby RodriguezErik West likes some gay foot fetish love and it doesn’t take too much to get Erik to remove his sandals so Robby can start sucking on his plump toes.

Although he takes some time sucking on Erik’s huge dick, giving him a really sloppy blowjob, of course Robby still has not had enough of Erik’s smooth sweaty feet and before long he is back to sucking all along Erik’s nearly hairless feet and slightly dirty soles.

These two guys are incredibly horny and simply couldn’t wait to get down and dirty together.

It’s quite clear the dude with the cool hair cut, Robby Rodriguez, has a foot fetish and enjoys sucking, kissing and worshiping his hot boyfriends feet. The two of them suddenly stopped while shopping and began kissing and fondling each other. Instantly the one guy dropped to his knees and began taking the guy’s shoes off, then his socks and finally got his prized reward – a bare foot that he can suck and taste.

Toe sucking is his favorite fetish and it’s great that his boyfriend is down with it. He actually likes seeing his boyfriend worshiping him like a god using this mouth and tongue on his toes. As this is all happening, the white guy eagerly jerks his cock to the sensation and feeling of bliss.

Toe Sucking Guys Erik West and Robby Rodriguez

It didn’t really take a who lot of time to get to the breaking point but when he blew his load he felt really good having his toes sucked at the same time as cumming.

Exciting action like this happens all the time at Toe Sucking Guys, check them out!

Toe Sucking Guys

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Toe Sucking Guys - Gay Foot Fetish Appreciation While Shopping Can Be Fun
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