Cj, Brett, & Rocco

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Broke Straight Boys has decided to mix it up by getting three hot guys together in one bed; Cj, Rocco and Brett. Leaving the camera running, I told the boys to get themselves hard while I left the room to take care of some business. The boys were laying out on the bed, clad in only their boxers and were soon working on their cocks as they discussed who was doing what and for how much. After a few minutes, they took off their underwear and threw them on the floor, before slowly wanking off to the straight porn that was playing. Out of the blue, Rocco asked Cj if he could try sucking Cj's dick and while Cj was naturally hesitant, he nonetheless gave Rocco the go ahead. Rocco leaned over and slid Cj's hard cock between his straight boy lips, his head gently bobbing up and down even as he wanked himself off, all the while, Brett kept glancing over to see what he was doing. Cj could see Brett looking so he told Brett that he could have a go as well, Brett immediately swooping down and swallowing Cj's dick. Pausing for a moment to pump Cj's cock, Brett suggested that he and Rocco pleasure Cj at the same time, both Rocco and Brett licking and sucking at Cj's cock and balls as Cj sat back and enjoyed it. I came back into the studio to find all three boys had started without me so I told them to keep going and that I would get some close up shots of what they were up to. Rocco and Brett immediately went down on Cj's dick again, alternately sucking the head of the cock while the other one licked and fondled the heavy balls. Pushing down on the back of Brett's head, Cj tested how much cock Brett could swallow only to be pleasantly surprised when Brett could go all the way down. A minute later, Rocco proved he was also a good cocksucker by being able to match Brett. Rocco and Cj swapped places and started the infamous BSB wave with Brett swallowing down Rocco while Rocco sucked on Cj. As Cj enjoyed a hot, wet mouth surrounding his cock, he said that between Rocco and Brett, Rocco was the better cocksucker. Rocco had to break off as he wasn't used to the taste of cock so at my suggestion, Rocco poked out his tongue, Cj grabbing hold of his cock and slapping the head against Rocco's tongue, Cj laughing as he did it. However, now it was time to get down to the real action; fucking. Brett had already said he would bottom for both Cj and Rocco for $1000 while the other two boys were getting $500 each to top. Rocco was up first so he and Brett got themselves prepared, Brett getting into the doggy position on the bed with Rocco standing behind him while Cj stood on the bed in front of Brett. Slowly, Rocco slid into Brett's tight ass, gently working his cock in even as Brett swallowed down Cj's thick dick. For something a little different, I had given Rocco a hand held video cam so that he could get a better shot of his cock thrusting in and out of Brett's ass. Brett was proving to be a great multi tasker as he was being fucked from both ends. As they got into it and more turned on, Rocco and Cj started moaning in pleasure as they fucked Brett. All too soon, Rocco had to take a break as he was getting too close to cumming so now it was time for Cj to get a turn at Brett's ass. With Brett laying on his back, legs spread wide, Cj thrust into Brett's straight boy ass. Right away, he was able to set a slow but steady pace even as Brett started sucking on Rocco's long dick. As he pumped in and out of Brett's ass, Cj moaned in pleasure, all the while, Rocco was face fucking Brett. With Rocco filming him, Cj started fucking Brett harder and faster, making Brett groan around the cock in his mouth. Too soon, Brett was moaning too much to keep sucking cock so Rocco kept filming as he jerked himself off. Mere moments later, Cj pulled out as he neared orgasm. All three boys jerked themselves off in a race to finish first. Almost simultaneously, Rocco and Cj climaxed; Rocco dribbling cum onto the bed sheets while Cj spurted all over Brett's upper body. Surprisingly, Cj was able to wank off one last time, cum dribbling down his shaft which he then flicked onto Brett's stomach. Despite Brett not being able to cum, he did a great job at taking two dicks.

Cj Park

Cj Park


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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