Ashton, Daniel, & Jase

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Ashton, Daniel and Jase are on the futon today and right away, I could see that the three boys had great chemistry together, despite Ashton being his usual crazy self. As we were chatting together, we discussed the possibility of the oral scene transitioning into an anal scene so the boys could make more than the $700 each they would be getting as Ashton really wanted to make $900. In the end, it was decided that the boys would just do oral and save an anal shoot for a later date. Ashton was raring to go, half naked before I even asked them to start taking off their clothes. As Daniel and Jase laughed, Ashton flashed his arm pits to the camera, both boys also stripped off, throwing their clothes on the floor. Sitting back down, they jerked themselves off as they watched the straight porn. As Daniel was hard first, Jase and Ashton not far behind him, he got to suck dick first. Jase and Ashton stood up, Daniel kneeling in front of Ashton and sucking down his cock as Jase got his cock stroked by Ashton. A moment later, Jase hopped up on the futon so that Ashton could bend down and slide Jase's cock between his lips, all the while, Daniel worked on Ashton's dick. As Ashton slid the hard cock in and out of his hot, wet mouth, I told him that all the female BSB members, like Miss Diedra liked him, prompting Ashton to say thank you to Miss Diedra. Switching it up, they sat back down on the futon, Ashton in the middle and leaning over to his right to swallow down Daniel's thick cock as Jase put his skills to use on Ashton. Jase got daring; deep throating Ashton's cock a few times before pulling back and swirling his tongue around the cock slit. The Broke Straight Boys Wave went the other way; Ashton showing off his skills on Jase while Daniel sucked on Ashton. Daniel was obviously having fun as he licked up and down the hard shaft, swirling his tongue along Ashton's piss slit even as Ashton displayed some impressive deep throating designed to make Jase moan all the more. They pulled out the futon, arranging themselves so they could do a circle suck or daisy chain. Each boy was sucking and being sucked; Daniel working on Jase who had swallowed down Ashton while Ashton was blowing Daniel. All the boys were panting loudly as they bobbed up and down, sliding a cock in and out of their mouths. I told the boys to sit up against the wall as I had a proposition for them. I outlined the plan; whomever was able to shoot the furthest and the most, would get an extra $200. Daniel and Ashton said they would jerk themselves off but Jase wanted some help so after a dollop of lube, Ashton grabbed both his cock and Jase's and started wanking. Daniel was jerking off hard and fast and it was no surprise when he was first to climax, cum spurting onto his upper arm before dribbling down his cock and onto his stomach. Jase regained control of his cock and it was now a race between himself and Ashton as to who was going to cum next. Ashton came next and was feeling awesome but pissed when he shot all over his stomach, only an inch or two from the base of his cock. Jase, wanking furiously, aimed his cock at his chest and only moments later, he shot cum onto his shoulder before it dribbled down the base of his dick. In the end, Jase won the $200 for cumming the furthest while Ashton got an extra $100 for having the most cum and Daniel was stuck with his original $700. All three boys did a great shoot and I'm sure they will be back very soon.

Ashton Park

Ashton Park


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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