Ayden And Ian

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Whenever a newbie does a quick BSB return, an angel gets its wings. Today a divine messenger is taking a test drive, on recently acquired wings, because Ian is back on the BSB bed! The last time we saw the cute Idaho boy, his chest was covered in his cum (a look that added to his hot hotness). He's paired with Ayden who is turning into the BSB's newbie whisperer. LOL! Ayden is here because he still needs cash (has no license for two months due to driving an uninsured car with no inspection). "It makes me kind of sad," Ayden said. Today's plot is about dick sucking. Ian is worried about having man meat in his mouth for the first time. Ayden has blocked his first pole ride out his mind and offers a description that must be saved. "Not pleasurable in any way," Ian describes. "It feels like you're getting choked out, and that's pretty much it. Dick in your mouth." A BSB t-shirt if there ever were one. LOL! The two shed their clothes and jump back on the bed. Ian is showing wood before his bright red underwear get past his ankles. Ayden leans down and sucks first. He might not like it, but Ayden knows how to handle a pole. Lick the head, go up and down the shaft, take as much of the bone as you can. Today he adds something new by licking Ian's stomach, nipples, and pits. You work that mouth, Mr. Ayden! All of this has the desired result: getting Ian excited and hard. Soon, however, Ian has to give it a go. He opens up slowly, and slurps at Ayden's head. After a few moments, Ian puts all of that member in his mouth. "Pretty good," Ayden says. Ian's own middle leg stays hard while he satisfies Ayden. He also doesn't gag when his nose hits Ayden's crotch. This newbie is taking to his lesson! "Oh, shit," Ayden moans. Ayden stands up and Ian gets on his knees. He looks up occasionally as he orally takes take care of Ayden's sausage. "Lick it," Ayden commands. Do you think Ian needs that suggestion? 🙂 As he sucks, Ian strokes his own baby maker. He kisses Ayden's shaft and balls. "Oh, fuck," Ayden groans. He grabs Ian's head and guides him to his wang. Ian pops a load while he's sucking, his juice splotching the black sheets. Ayden starts to jerk his meat in front of Ian, who keeps his mouth open. Ayden's first stream hits Ian right on the nose. "You have cum on your nose," Clay observes. Neither model is doing cartwheels, but some of us might be. 🙂

Ian Dempsey

Ian Dempsey


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 155 (70 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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