Brandon Beal & Dennis Trapp

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The week is always better when Brandon Beal returns to the BSB casting couch. He's one of the most laid back models we have. Great attitude, always willing to put on an exceptional show, and a body deserving nothing but royal treatment. Today he shares the couch with Dennis Trapp, a/k/a the Energizer Bunny (watch his solo vid to see why that moniker fits). Dennis might be a newbie when it comes to cameras and gay sex, but insists he's all pro when it comes to sword swallowing. "My first blow job was at one of my closest friend's house," Dennis recounts. "This was like two o'clock in the morning. We were bored. It was dark. Didn't have anything else to do, and we were curious. So we did it for the hell of it. I enjoyed it and been doing it ever since." Sounds like Dennis is the type of close friend we all need. Dennis hits his knees and takes all of Brandon. Dennis is noisy with his pole love. Air and saliva suction as he wraps those sweet lips around Brandon's meat. Brandon doesn't mind all the noise. Would you? He keeps his head on the boy's neck to make sure he doesn't come up for air. Unnecessary because when Dennis starts a (blow) job, he means to finish it. Brandon isn't a "service me only" top (although few would complain if that were his modus operandi). He tells Dennis to sit down and gives him some of the same. The "Energizer Bunny" is so into the good vibrations he looks like he might cry. When Dennis bites that lower lip, all the Daddies out there will want to scoop him up. Too much projection? 🙂 Brandon leans back on the couch and tells Dennis it's time to return to his duties. Dennis gladly does so (look at how his feet twitch in anticipation). Dennis might occasionally gag on the trio of pre-cum, spit, and dick but he doesn't believe in air when a dick is in his face. There are two signs of a natural born cock sucker. If he shoots a wad while working his sugar tongue talents. Dennis cums first, and his blast lands all over the place. The couch. Right above his nipple. His stomach. Despite this intense shoot, he keeps his mouth on Brandon's tool. The second sure signal is how much jizz is consumed. When it's Brandon turn to lose some bodily fluids, look at the smile on Dennis' face. He lives for man milk, greedily licking his partner's seed. He attempts to coax more out of Brandon until the spent top begs him to stop. "You're good. Good job," Brandon exhales as he gives Dennis a chest tap. BSB has found its resident milkshake lover. Or, at the very least, a performer who can be the tempting meat in a steamy three-way.

Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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