Cj & Trey Evans

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Here is a BSB axiom (a raised glass to math teachers): when models giggle at the start of a video, sparks will fly. In today's update, CJ and Trey have some private joke. After the cameraman cracks the metaphorical whip, the two models smile into the camera. CJ knows what he's going to do with his paycheck already. "It's that new four-wheeler," CJ says. "It's time to get dirty." Trey's BSB bucks will be used in a less extravagant manner. "Bills. Got to pay the bills," Trey notes. Another t-shirt saying? The guys strip to underwear. Has Trey been working out or is that an over eager imagination? They get on the bed, and feel each other up. Underwear is removed and Trey blows first. CJ tries to make like he doesn't like it, but his contorted face tells the real story. As for Trey, he slobbers all over that meat like it's a last meal. Talking about a meal, anyone notice CJ's sack a nuts? Those things could feed a whole village. CJ gives pole slurping a go. Trey has no issues showing how much fun he's having. Hard not to when an ink covered stud is slobbering all over your piece. LOL! CJ keeps his attention on the head, barely moving his mouth down Trey's shaft. When CJ stops sucking, drool slips from his mouth. Swallow that shit, dude! LOL! Trey gets back on CJ's bone, showing how it's done. But Trey knows the score. His ass is the main course today. After putting lube in his hole, he gets on all fours. CJ lubes up, with a condom, and enters Trey in one stroke. He grabs a cheek and pumps away. The sounds of bed squeaks and Trey's moans fill the room. CJ is not in the mood for tenderness. Each furious stroke is balls deep. Trey grabs the sheet for the comfort his top isn't giving him. LOL! Beads of sweat form on Trey's ass as his groans get louder. CJ pulls completely out to give Trey a chance to get on his back. The busted bottom boy takes his time, trying to give that sweet ass some time to recover from the onslaught. CJ grabs Trey's neck as he keeps pounding away. The hint is received. Stop moaning so loudly. LOL! Trey breathes in and out, but the pain/pleasure isn't going anywhere. Trey strokes his meat and shoots juice all over his creamy stomach. CJ turns polite and quickly pulls out. He beats his meat and the load first lands right behind Trey's head. The rest coats the well broken in bottom boy from head to crotch. Both lads are breathing hard, soaked in sweat and man nectar. Well, technically, only Trey is covered in jizz and perspiration. 🙂 "Thanks for the four wheeler," CJ announces. You welcome, CJ. Keep us in mind if you need another vehicle. LOL!

Cj Park

Cj Park


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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