Adam Baer & Kodi

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Kodi is many things, but he's never given off the brawler vibe. That's why it's easy to feel a little sorry for him at the start of this video with Adam Baer. Kodi is working real hard to wrestle Adam, but not much is working. Adam doesn't even break a sweat pinning his scene partner. However, to be fair, it looks like Kodi actually is happy he "lost." LOL! With the vanquished foe on his stomach. Adam rubs Kodi's balls through the boxers. "You like grabbing those balls, don't you," Kodi asks. "Shut your mouth," Adam replies. Kodi's boxers are removed and Adam spits in the exposed hole. The "loser" even spreads his cheeks so all of the spit can slide where it needs to be. Kodi gets pulled up and flicks his soft tongue on Adam's nipple and arm pit area. This sends some blood to Adam's tool. 🙂 He sits on the side of the bed, and Kodi gets on his knees to offer a warm mouth. Adam doesn't miss the chance and grabs Kodi's hair as he guides him down on his dick. "You like that," Kodi mumbles with meat in his mouth. Adams only response is to push Kodi's head farther down. The lad gags and moans as if he needs his mouth stretched. "Oh, yeah," Adam whispers as Kodi sucks all he can. Spit and pre-cum drip from Kodi's mouth as he licks up and down the shaft. He even makes sure to give the balls a tongue bath. Ever since his first BSB appearance, Kodi has transformed into a world class bottom. Sure he has the equipment to make a man walk funny, but he knows that ass has special powers. He puts a condom on Adam, and hits his back. Adam pushes Kodi's knees so they land right by the bottom's ears. With the hole vulnerable, Adam fills it up. "Oh, fuck," Kodi cries. Adam ignores the moans and groans. Instead he goes balls deep into the upturned ass. "Oh, shit. Fuck. Feed me that cock," Kodi demands. A bossy bottom? LOL! Adam does so, and Kodi's cries increase. Adam is treating the mangina like well lubed pussy. Kodi grits his teeth and curses as Adam goes in and out. The blond top pulls out and gives Kodi an opportunity to do some riding. This gives Kodi some more control, but the pain/pleasure ratio remains. "Ride that shit. Come on." Adam barks out. "Cock is so deep in my ass right now," Kodi whimpers. The bed starts to squeak from the action. The boys go for a third position, with Kodi on his side. Adam reenters in one stroke. This is the position that causes Kodi to bust a copious nut, the nectar landing on his side. Adam keeps sticking it to the little stud even after Kodi has shot his wad. Alas, Adam does pull out and straddles Kodi's face. Kodi sticks out his tongue in anticipation of Adam's man juice. Eventually it shoots out, smearing all of Kodi's mouth, including his lips, tongue and cheek, in precious man goo. Don't you think these two should wrestle again?

Adam Baer

Adam Baer


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.0 (20cm)

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