He Can’t Stop Smelling His Feet And Jerking Off!

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Toe Sucking Guys - He Can't Stop Smelling His Feet And Jerking Off!

That’s hot! Yes! This guy from eastern Europe, called Moonek, is totally into smelling and getting off to the scent of his feet. It’s clear he has a foot and odor fetish and he enjoys letting everyone know about his dirty secret. I found this scene hot because it features a young man with dark hair and a slender body sucking his toes and jerking his cock without a care in the world in front of the camera.

Watching him pull off his worn in shoes and exposing his sock covered feet began to turn me on as I watched this scene. He beings whiffing his shoes and finds himself quite turned on by the whole ordeal in no time. This gets him incredibly hot and horny so he pulls down his pants and takes his socks off, only to start sniffing them too and begin to jerk his hard penis to the strong scent beneath him. He enjoys alternating between jerking off and sucking his toes too which only adds to the excitement.

This is my personal opinion on the hot and sexy boy Moonek :

I love to smell a pair of sweaty sneakers after they’ve been subjected to a long workout, and apparently so does this athletic stud. This hot clip starts with the brunette hunk on a big leather couch. He’s fresh from a run and all that exertion has made him horny. He lays back and begins rubbing his sneakers together, admiring his big feet. Soon he can’t help but begin touching them and he slips a finger inside his shoes, caressing the sensitive sides of his feet through his white socks. Before long he is unlacing his shoes slowly, teasingly, until he can slip them off to reveal the white sweaty sock underneath. He sticks one shoe up to his face with relish, burying his nose in its stinky depths while stroking his hardening cock through his slick athletic pants. To my delight this stud loves to show off and stroke his bare feet and it doesn’t take him too long to peel off his white socks to reveal his smooth soles and long toes. As went his socks, so go the rest of his clothes and soon he is totally naked except for his briefs and you can see the outline of his stiff dick. He begins licking and sucking his sweaty toes working himself toward a spurting climax all over his shoes.

It didn’t take long for him to cum.

People with fetishes tend to be caught up in the moment like this young man was. Using the smell of his socks as fuel for his excitement, it didn’t take long for him to erupt into orgasm.

If you like Moonek smelling his stinky feet, you’re going to enjoy everything else from Toe Sucking Guys!

Toe Sucking Guys

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SCORE: 91 1 Jul, 2015
Toe Sucking Guys - He Can't Stop Smelling His Feet And Jerking Off!
He Can’t Stop Smelling His Feet And Jerking Off! JOIN NOW

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