Ayden Troy And Skyler Daniels

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Skyler Daniels introduction to BSB life has been pretty good. Did a solo, and got head from pretty boy Liam. Today he's going to take a few more steps by sucking off Ayden Troy. Unlike many of you out there, he's not excited about the prospect. However, cash is always a good inducement. "So I decided to jump on the game," Skyler said. Clothes are removed and both get on the bed. After giving their nervous ranking (Skyler is at 9, while Ayden is at 10), Skyler sucks first. For an anxious pup he takes to sucking rather well. Gets Ayden hard, deep throats with ease, no melodramatic gagging, and keeps everything juicy. Something must be making Skyler happy because his own dick is hard. He gets a well deserved break as Ayden goes to town. Ayden is no newbie, sucking and slurping the pink shaft. All of the oral ministrations cause Skyler's toes to curl. The boys do a 69. Probably the best gift God gave to men. LOL! Ayden continues taking care of Skyler's knob. The newbie returns the favor, allowing the hard sausage to smack against Ayden's stomach. We even get a peek of Ayden's hole. Alas, no one plays with it. At least on camera. 🙂 "Spit on it," Ayden orders. Skyler lets some mouth juice soak Ayden's small head. Ayden jerks his meat as Skyler wraps his tongue around the tip. "That's good," Ayden whispers. Skyler kisses the tip, waiting for a jizz surprise for his lips. His tongue is so sexy flicking and licking, trying to coax something sweet out of Ayden. His own root is rock hard during this. All of the stimulation proves too much for Ayden. His own jerking and Skyler's licking cause him to pop. Some of the jizz ends on Skyler's chin, the rest on his cheek. To make sure there is no nectar left, Skyler sucks Ayden's pole one last time. Ayden works to get Skyler off. He strokes and sucks the newbie's pole, causing the boy to moan. He shoots streams of cum that cover Ayden's fingers. "I'm a mess! Jesus," Ayden says. True, but you're our mess! So everything OK!

Ayden Troy

Ayden Troy


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 135 (62 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.0 (15cm)

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