James Kline Relaxes While Jerking, Sniffing Socks And Cums

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Toe Sucking Guys - James Kline Relaxes While Jerking, Sniffing Socks And Cums

James Kline has had a rough time at school and is looking to feel good, relax and let off some steam. Most people would recommend him to fuck someone or jerk off and have a good nap. He had a naughty idea – he would jerk off to the smell of his stinky feet, socks and shoes. So… Lets get into the sniffing socks action! You might wonder why, but to him this is his all time favorite fetish and hell do almost anything to blast a load doing so.

This lean hottie is so horny – in a matter of seconds he has his clothes, including his dirty smelly shoes and black socks off and we get to ogle his hot body. He starts rubbing his feet, gripping the balls of his feet firmly and stroking over every inch. He kneads over and between his toes, showing off his smooth pink soles at the same time. With one hand on his feet he grips his cock, pulling and stroking its length to rock hardness.

He grabs his stinky socks and presses it up to his nose and takes a few big whiffs, getting himself rock hard in the process and horny as can be. Hes ready to pull on his cock but he takes his time massaging and sniffing his feet before preparing his cock for a nice milking. Grabbing his shaft, his gives his smooth and slender cock some much needed attention. As he jerks it up and down, hes thinking about all those sexy men in his life that hes wanted to bang. Sometimes he thinks about sucking the toes of his friends both young and mature ones hes had a crush on in his life.

Without warning, as hes sniffing his shoes, he blows his load effortlessly. The pleasure is unbearable and he cannot hold on any longer.

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Toe Sucking Guys

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Toe Sucking Guys - James Kline Relaxes While Jerking, Sniffing Socks And Cums
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