Zach, Mike, Cody, Luke

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The gay boys are back for Christmas, and they showed up for their present that I was going to give them. Both Zack and Mike were excited for one more chance to be on broke straight boys to mess around with hot guys and get paid for it. I explained to them that I was about to bring in their surprise. First to come in and take a seat was Luke, our new bi boy with very limited guy on guy action. Last to come in and take a seat was Cody, who was straight, and new. The plain was to let the gay boys do whatever they wanted to the other boys for a very nice paycheck all around. Everyone was down for getting started. I asked Mike what he wanted to do first, and he said that he wanted to kiss Luke. Without any more being said the two leaned together and locked their lips. Moving the camera over I asked Zack what he wanted and he said that he wanted Cody to blow him, and then get fucked. Cody's reaction was priceless, his face just read, "what did I get myself into?" Unzipping his pants, Zack pulled out his semi-hard cock for Cody to suck. Cody positioned himself off the bed, but next to Zack to be in a good spot. He took a hold of the cock in his hand as he lowered his mouth, opening wide to swallow it. Cody started out pretty slow, and just tried to get use to what he was doing. Going back over to Mike and Luke, they were taking off their shirts, and moving on to some dick sucking. Zack pulled down his underwear and jeans to reveal the hung, monster of a cock that he was packing. Luke seemed a little afraid of what might come later, but he put it in his mouth and started to suck. Both gay boys were getting head from some hot boys. Mike seemed to have a sense of humor and was playing with the ball on the Santa hat as he was getting head. I called him out on it, and everyone got a good laugh. Mike was getting horny for some cock himself, so he ordered Luke to take off his underwear and get naked. Stepping forward Luke stood next to Mike to get his cock sucked. The two of them seemed to be getting into the shoot and what was supposed to happen. They actually wanted to get to the fucking before me, so I handed them a can of whipped cream for some added fun. Mike added a line down the shaft of Luke's dick, and then tried to eat it all in one motion. He passed the can over to Zack and they gave it a shot. Mike used the can again to make a path from one nipple to the other and down to his cock. In watching Cody he was licking Zack's nick and stomach to get him turned on. All the boys were busy having fun and getting kinky with the whipped cream. Mike said that he was ready to fuck Luke's hot ass that he had on him. The boys getting fucked were going to start out in the riding position. Zack and Cody seemed to start out fairly easy, and were busy fucking before the other two could get started. Luke was taking it much slower, because he was getting ready to ride a much bigger cock up his ass. He positioned one leg up on the bed, so that Mike would have to do a little work fucking him. At one point he even screamed from the fucking that they were doing. Switching positions Luke got into the doggie-style position and Mike started to pound that ass as hard as he could. Luke couldn't stop from moaning so loud that I knew the neighbors were hearing every moment. Cody was giving Zack head for a while to get him back hard. The bottom boys got in a competition for who could take the biggest pounding. Mike and Luke kept fucking and trying out new things. Mike and Zack decided that they would be nice, and give the other two boys a chance to fuck them. Cody was the first one to get his cock in and get started fucking Zack's ass. Luke had to get hard enough to get his cock in Mike's ass. Once Luke got going he fucked Mike hard and forced Mike's face down on the bed. However, he yelled out that he was about to cum. I was worried that he wasn't going to make it. Pulling out he throw the condom to the floor and had to jerk off for only a second. He came right on Mike's back, and I told him to finish it nicely by licking up his own load. He dropped to his knees and took a lick for the camera. I told Mike that he had to get ready now, and Luke would help him with that. Moving over to the other two boys, Zack was stroking his dick pretty fast. Zack yelled out that he was about to cum, and started to squirt his load out on his stomach. Cody traded places with him, so that he could jerk off. Mike shot his load while we waited and Cody was last to cum, getting his cum on Mike who was sitting next to him. He for sure had the biggest load of all of them. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from

Cody Powers

Cody Powers


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.5 (196cm)
  • Weight: 165 (75 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Dick Size: 9.0 (23cm)

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