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I had arranged for CJ and Shane to bring their girlfriends in to a big orgy scene, and on the morning of the shoot there were a couple people missing when it came time for the shoot. The only people that showed up for the shoot were the guys, and I asked them to explain. Both CJ and Shane took their girls out the night before to a strip club to have some fun. Afterwards they came back to Shane's place and the girls started getting sick. From the sounds of things they all had a blast, and took things a little overboard. Shane even said that he had to wake CJ up, who had passed out in the bathtub, because there was nowhere to crash close enough to the toilet. Since my original plan for the shoot was thrown out the window, I had to think of what I was going to come up with for them to do. Both CJ and Shane had already been in a bunch of shoots together, and I needed something different. Damien was sitting outside in the waiting room to be in a shoot after this one, and so since he was early I figured I would bring him in for an oral three-way. Calling out his name, Damien didn't hear me, so I sent CJ to go get him. However, CJ was a little lazy in just healing out "hey bitch!" and leaving the door open. I had Damien come in and explained what we were going to do instead of just the jerking scene he was going to take part in later. All three guys were okay with doing oral, so the first thing they had to do was strip out of their clothes. The guys all got down to their underwear and I told them to stay in their underwear until they get hard. I could tell that CJ's boner was bouncing around in his boxers. Damien was the first one to take off his boxers and the other two were quick to follow. Starting the Broke Straight Boy wave they went to their left and Damien was the one that didn't have to suck a cock to start. He sat there enjoying CJ's mouth for few minutes and the great head that he was getting. It was him who spoke up and asked if they were going to go in the other direction. Switching Shane sat back, putting his head up to look at the ceiling and just take in the oral that CJ was giving. It was not surprise that CJ could get Shane harder than a rock by now in the shoots, because he knew just what Shane liked when it came to head. After that then I had the guys change the couch into a bed, so that way they could get a little more comfortable. Since it was Damien that was the most responsible one out of the group studying the night before the shoot I had him take the position in the middle of the two other boys. Then, I told both CJ and Shane to trade off giving him a blow job, and licking his balls. After Shane's turn of being in the middle I let each of them get to experience oral from two guys at once. Shane was the last one to get in the middle and after the oral I told Damien to just jerk him off. After a couple minutes it seemed like Shane was getting closer to having an orgasm, and sure enough his breathing started to change and then the cum sprayed out onto his stomach. Then, after that I had CJ and Damien jerk themselves off, and figured that we would see who would be next. It was CJ who shouted out a warning, and when he came most of it just landed at the base of his dick. Damien was only about a minute after CJ, and his cum load squirted a little more over his chest and stomach. After they all got off, I told both CJ and Shane to get their girls in here and I would let them do a straight shoot for a change.




  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.5 (17cm)

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