Dustin, Cj & Tyler

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Dustin, Tyler, and CJ are back again and I wanted another great performance like the last one. I figured that they would, and so the plan was they were going to give oral and next time anal. CJ was playing with his cock a little bit while we were just talking. I called him out on it to see if he was hard, and getting turned on. He laughed and just said that he was working on it. Making him stand up for me, I had him show me his limp cock, and he was on his way to getting hard. However, he was doing this funny rolling thing with his cock. Dustin chimed in and said that he does the helicopter. Laughing they said that this actually does get them hard, so I said that we should get a chance to see it. All three guys took off their shirts, and then went for their shorts. All three of the guys were in their underwear and playing with themselves in different ways. Sure enough I through in a couple of hints that I still wanted to see Dustin get fucked, and he wasn't having it. CJ reached over and started to play with Tyler's cock. Now, I give CJ shit for not speaking up on camera and gave him a nickname mumbles. It's only because he talks so quiet on camera. While we were talking about sitting up Dustin a fund for bottoming, CJ was saying something I couldn't hear, later I learned that he just wanted the guys to get started with the shoot. I told him to go ahead and start he leaned over took the cock in his mouth and had a mouth full. Pausing for a second he looked up and asked Dustin if he wanted to give it a shot. Dustin flipped his hat around and gave Tyler a blow job. Even though they looked to be a little uncomfortable on the couch, Tyler leaned over and took CJ's cock in his mouth. Taking off their underwear, Dustin was being a little shy about starting with his cock not fully hard. However, we all have learned that it doesn't take long for him to get hard from oral. Changing the couch into a bed, all three of them were deciding how to start, deciding that Tyler would be on his back. Dustin moved in towards Tyler's head on his knees, while CJ stayed doggie-style and sucked Tyler off. I was able to get a shot of all of this, and CJ's very hot, bubble butt. Moving into a new position, Dustin stood up and CJ got to his knees in front of Dustin. CJ gave him head for a while and kept Dustin hard. Then, without warning Dustin dropped to his knees and started to give CJ head in return. That was hot to watch, because Dustin was becoming very good at giving head and able to take the cock in his mouth in a very smooth motion. CJ would rub Dustin's back at the same time as a turn on to him, but as soon as CJ made it a little too awkward Dustin was ready to do something else. The guys moved into completely different positions and CJ got in the middle. Dustin was the one sucking on the shaft, while Tyler licked CJ's balls. All I saw was CJ's face making the orgasm look. Next to get in the middle was Dustin, and Tyler was the first one to jump at his cock. CJ sucked on his balls and rubbed them with his hand. All three were very good at interacting with one another, and touching each other. All three moved into another train of oral, and then from there they were ready to shoot their loads. They formed a triangle on the bed and jerked off to the porn that I had playing in the background. With all three jerking off as quickly as they could, it was a race to see which one was going to shoot first. CJ seemed to stroking his cock in more of a smooth motion, and my beat was that he was going to shoot first. To my complete surprise it was Dustin that was moaning, and then he shot his load right in front of him on the sheet. Next, was Tyler who shot his load all over himself, when he came most sprayed on his stomach and chest. However, there was still a bunch that got on the sheet next to him. CJ was last to get off, but he was ready as soon as I stepped around to the other side of the bed. He pumped his cock at the top of his shaft, and came shooting his load all over his hand. It was a very thick load, and white too. The guys did a great job, and I hope to bring them back for an anal scene here real soon.




  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.5 (17cm)

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