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I had Alex come back to do a shoot with us, and I told him on the phone that he would have to do a little more in the shoot. He said that he didn't have a problem with that. He just wanted to make some money. Setting up a time for him to come into the studio the following day, I worked on seeing if I could get someone else to put in the shoot next to him. Calling around, it seemed like a lot of people were working and couldn't make the time. Finally, I found another new guy who was available, and figured that it might be a little awkward for the both of them. When Alex showed up I had him come in and take a seat on the couch. I asked him what he thought of doing the solo, and he seemed to say that it wasn't that bad. Like we had discussed on the phone, I brought up the fact that he would have to do a shoot with another guy and at least jack off next to him for Alex to make more money. Just as I started to explain who I had paired him up with, there was a knock at the studio door. Opening it, Shane walked it. Both Alex and Shane seemed a little surprised to actually see each other at a shoot at the same time. I don't think they both really knew how to handle the situation, but I just figured we would take things slow. In the hopes that they had maybe watched some porn together and jerked off, but neither had done anything like that before. Both settled on sitting next to each other and not having to touch. I brought up that I would pay them more money to touch or fuck. Right away I could tell that Alex would do more, he just didn't want to take a chance that his buddy Shane would open his mouth and tell their friends. Taking off their shirts, they placed them to the side, and I just tried to keep them talking so it wouldn't be an awkward silence. The two of them knew each other from school, and have been friends for about two years. Next to come off was their pants, and Alex had on another pair of those knee high socks. To make things seem a little easier I had them start to rub their dicks with their underwear on. After a few minutes it seemed like Shane was pretty hard, so I started with him taking off his underwear. Next, Alex took his off, and they seemed to do okay so far next to each other. I brought up the fact that a lot of members think that we use gay guys to do the scenes and have them pretend to be straight. Shane just said,"Fuck that!" I brought up that I could offer them more money if they would be willing to touch each others dick. Upping the pay a couple more hundred bucks to try it, and once Alex said that he would try it, Shane had to go along with it. Reaching over they both started to stroke each other, and it seemed like Alex didn't mind from his dick being as big as it was. Shane on the other hand wasn't getting any bigger, and his cock looked like it was going to go into hiding. I offered Alex a pay of $800 if he would suck on Shane's dick. Shane said that he wasn't down, and I told him not to worry he just had to sit there. Alex was hesitating a little bit, but when I brought up that with that money he could bring his girlfriend down. That did all the talking for me; and he said he would do it. Leaning over Alex put the limp dick in his mouth and started to suck on it. Once in a while he would move his tongue around at the tip of his cock. Slowly, I was able to watch Shane's dick go from soft, to this rock hard thing. Taking out his tongue, Alex would lick the shaft of Shane's dick trying to do some other things that he knew felt good. Both of them made a pact not to tell anyone about the shoot. I told Alex to try and put the cock as deep as he could in this throat, and he did a couple of times, making it to about the half way mark on Shane's cock. After a while, when they seemed to be more relaxed and continued doing everything I interrupted them. I asked Shane if he would like to make $800 for giving it a try. I got a YES! I couldn't believe it, but I think that Shane was caught up in the moment from the dick sucking. The two of them gave hand-jobs to each other, to try and get Alex back hard. Shane put the dick in his mouth for the first time, and tried to imitate what his girlfriend would do to him. Alex's cock was growing thick and rather quickly, it seemed that they both got harder when their dicks got sucked. Shane paused for a moment when I asked him if it was hard, and he said no. To my surprise he didn't stop there, he kept going. It wasn't until Alex slid his hand in there to start stroking did he take his mouth off. I told them that I would give the first person to cum a $100 bucks more. Stroking their cocks pretty fast, it was Shane who started to breathe really hard. He came shooting his load all over his hand mostly and it ran down the side, it was a pretty big size load that he had built up. Turning over to Alex the pressure was on for him to finish. He shot his load after a few minutes of him stroking his dick with his whole body tightened up. When Alex came, cum went all over his body, but he kept it on himself. I think if he would have got some on Shane that would have been an issue. Both guys did a great job, and Shane was itching to get into the bathroom to get cleaned up. Let's see if I can get them or one of them to fuck a guy here soon.




  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.5 (22cm)

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