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It took me some a couple of tries to get both Diesel and Chasen's schedules to match in order to get them in the studio at the same time. My biggest reasons why I wanted them together was that they both were really tall, had HUGE dicks, and both have opened up each time they do shoots here at Broke Straight Boys. I knew that each of them had a girlfriend, and that in the real world lived a straight life, however when in the studio they will participate in gay sex to make the money. Plus, not wanting to announce it to the world I think they enjoy doing it as well. I brought up the fact that Diesel has mostly topped, but has also bottomed now as well. He said that it wasn't bad, but kept an open-mind with doing it. When it comes to Chasen it is hard for me to find straight, curious, or bi guys that can take his monster cock. That means that I mostly have used him to bottom to do anal and he says that he doesn't mind. Of course, it peaks my interest in finding out just how far I can get him to go. To get things started I explained that I wanted to see them do oral and hand jobs, in return I would give them $600 for the shoot. To start comparing the guys I asked Diesel what size shoe he had and he responded by saying a 14, which happens to be the same size as Chasen. Next, I had the guys stand up for me back to back, which clearly showed Chasen was taller by about 5 inches. The guys removed their shirts and I saw that Chasen had a new tattoo since the last time I saw him. On his lower ab, upper pelvic area he had a set of lip prints. His reason for getting the tattoo was that he always wanted one. As for Diesel, he had a tattoo going down his side. The guys took off their pants and shorts, leaving them in their underwear. Taking a seat on the couch I had them work on getting hard, while I got some porn on for them to watch. I asked what they wanted to see, gay, bi, straight, or tranny, and Diesel said whatever I had in the player. I had new straight porn that I had just got a couple of days prior. Not really knowing how far along they were I told them to just take down their underwear when they were ready. Chasen seemed to be a little further along than Diesel, so that seemed to decide who was going to be giving oral first. Chasen was up for getting the oral with, he reached over took hold of the cock, and began sucking on it. In such a short time, he has improved his blow job skills tremendously. Diesel's face had all the reaction I needed to see, showing that he was enjoying every moment of it. When I asked if Chasen's braces were getting in the way, he said that he wasn't feeling them. In looking over Chasen's techniques he was very good about twisting his head, using his hand, and really pumping the cock as he gave oral. After a while though, his jaw started hurting from staying wide for so long, so he want to just jerking Diesel off. Sitting side by side the two started giving hand jobs to each other. In watching them, they both had a little different styles to what they were doing. Then, it was Diesel's turn to return the favor, and he just wanted to get it over with so that he could cum. He put Chasen's dick in his mouth and he only took in a few inches to start. As he got the dick covered in spit, it made it much easier for his mouth to go further down on it. Diesel only lasted giving oral for a few minutes before he called it quits, and sat up. Both guys started to jerk off to the porn using some lube, and as they got in their zone to being able to reach their orgasm. I noticed when watching Chasen that his eyes kept looking down at Diesel's dick and how he was doing. Chasen was stroking much faster than Diesel, however Diesel was squeezing his much harder. The first one to give me a warning that he was close was Diesel, and seconds later he came oozing cum out of his dick. Covering his hand, dick, and even some on his leg in cum, leaving him sweaty and out of breath. Chasen saw how big Diesel's load was and it was his turn to try to outdo Diesel. Stroking his cock even faster, when he had his body fully tensed and stretched out, he gave me a warning that he was getting close. I moved in for the shot, and when he came it wasn't as much as he normally has in previous shoots. Still he was able to get off, so I couldn't get after him for that. The guys were tired after that, and ready to get cleaned up. Maybe I will see when I can work with their schedules again just to see if I can make an anal shoot happen.




  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 195 (88 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Dick Size: 9.0 (23cm)

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