Chasen & Nu

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Putting Chasen and Nu back together, I asked them both on the phone in setting up the shoot if they would be willing to do oral together. Both told me that they were okay with it, and we had settled on a pay of $800 for doing the shoot. On the day of the shoot, Nu was excited to be back and was first to the studio. Once Chasen showed up, and was ready to gets started, everyone moved into the shoot room for filming. Taking a seat on the couch the two guys had on big smiles, and each one kind of talked about what they had been up to. Nu was still spending his time in the water surfing, but was trying to keep away from the sharks after his shark attack. As for Chasen, he said he has been working a lot, and we recently used him in an ad that will go in a magazine. Both guys are straight, and I asked them if anyone has recognized them on the street. Nu said that a previous girlfriend found him on the site, and was a little upset about finding him, but he played it off by saying it was well before he knew her and he really needed the money. As for Chasen he had only done a couple of shoots with us, so he hadn't really done enough to get out there yet. Asking the guys to take off their shirts and they both stripped them off exposing their bare skin to the camera. I really noticed Chasen's new tattoo, and so I started by asking Nu if he had any tats. He said that he would never get a tattoo, and so he had no ink. Chasen on the other hand showed off his new family tattoo on his arm that he got. The guys went for their pants next, Nu was quick to under dress, but Chasen took longer in having to take off a pair of jeans. Nu gave him shit for wearing jeans on such a hot day in southern Florida. Taking a seat on the couch the guys started to play with themselves to work on getting boners, and I turned to put on some straight porn at their request for something to help them out. When it was time for the underwear to drop, both guys had boners to show off. I asked which one of them wanted to give head first and Nu volunteered first. That's when I proposed my challenge to the boys, that if they could get the other guy off from a bj and jerking they could make an extra $200, and walk away with $1000 a piece. Nu had Chasen move his hand out of the way and took over jacking the monster penis. The first thing that he said he needed to do was get it hard, and I told him it wouldn't take long. When Nu was ready he took the cock in his mouth and started to suck on it. Taking as much as he could in his mouth, Nu also every once in a while licked it all over with his tongue. Chasen seemed to like all the sucking on the head of his dick, because that's when he made the most noise. Nu got smart after a while when he sucked on the top portion of the dick and used his other hand to jerk the rest of the cock off in the hopes that would help to get the big guy to an orgasm faster. I had Chasen reach over and play with Nu's dick in the hopes that he would keep Nu from going completely limp. After a while though of watching Nu just not seem to get Chasen close enough for a squirt, Chasen stopped him and took over jerking off. Nu sat back and just watched Chasen do his thing. Stretching his body out in one long line and then tensing the muscles in his body. That's when he announced that he was getting close to cumming, and so I focused in on what he was doing. He shot his load on his stomach and it was kind of a joke, being only a couple of drops of cum. I told Chasen that he had to stop having sex with the girls before the shoots, and to start eating lots more protein. He seemed pretty beat up about his performance, and so I told him to return the favor to Nu. Chasen turned to his side and he put the surfer boy's dick in his mouth and started sucking. As the cock got harder in his mouth, this straight, tattoo, jock boy was proving to be a great blow job king when it came to cock. Nu's cock looked like I could have used it as a sword, and so I made Chasen suck it for about as long as Nu had to give him head. Then, Nu took over and jerked off his own dick. As he got closer he let me know that he was about to shoot his load, and I knew that Nu wouldn't disappoint me with his cum shot. His cum made it all the way up to the middle of his upper chest between his nipples, down his stomach and to his cock. After he came, I told Chasen that was what a cum shot was supposed to look like. Chasen said that he would do much better next time and I told him that he just made a promise to the camera. So, I will see if I can get the guys to come back and do anal real soon so stay tuned.




  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 195 (88 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Dick Size: 9.0 (23cm)

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