Colin: Fun With Toys

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We all know that Colin is willing to try pretty much anything that is asked of him, however, this time, Colin has volunteered to show off some of his favorite toys from home. Sitting on the futon, Colin is already half naked with a collar fastened around his neck, and playing idly with the leash attached to the collar. Picking up a small purple toy, Colin introduces it as his 'starter' to any self pleasure session. Next is a realistic penis shaped jelly dildo which is part of the strap on Colin's wife uses at home. Following that, is a very thick and rigid dildo that Colin will need to work up to and finally, there is a black butt plug with a piggy tail on the end of it. Colin went on to say that the self pleasure session idea was brought about by chatting with some of his fans and listening to their requests. Giving the leash a few hard jerks, Colin wasn't in the slightest bit embarrassed to admit that he liked to be tugged around a bit. As Colin stood up and stripped off to his black boxers, I couldn't help but grab his leash and pull on it firmly, reeling him in close to me which only made Colin laugh and say that that was exactly how he liked it. Playing with his dick through his kiss decorated underwear, Colin said that some of his fans who liked him in different underwear had gone out especially to buy them for him. A moment later, he slid them down his legs and onto the floor before sitting down on the futon again. In a well practiced move, Colin hooked the end of the leash around a foot and lifted his leg into the air, ensuring that the leash was pulled tight. Grabbing the lube, he squirted some on his cock and started playing with his dick before moving down and lubing up his ass hole. Starting off with one finger, Colin slowly thrust it in and out of his tight hole but before long, one finger became two as Colin worked on loosening up his hole in readiness for his toys. He was even daring enough to try and fit four finger tips in there, stretching his ass so he could play with his toys. Shifting, Colin knelt on the futon, facing the wall and reached behind to keep working on his hole. Fingers sliding in and out, Colin was working hard on getting himself ready but another dollop of lube helped things go a little further. Giving himself a hard slap on the ass cheek, Colin was fingering himself with enthusiasm, even getting to six fingers! Finally, he was ready for some fun. Grabbing the first toy, the little plastic purple one, he quickly lubed it up as he said it was the one that introduced him to the world of anal. Leaning over the back of the futon, Colin slid the toy inside of his ass and started to slowly fuck himself with it. Right away, Colin was in heaven as he moaned in pleasure as the toy slid in and out of his ass. As he got himself warmed up, Colin started to jerk himself off in languid strokes. Flipping over onto his back, Colin spread his legs wide and fucked himself harder and faster, however, it wasn't long before he was ready for the next upgrade. Lubing up the soft jelly dildo, Colin lifted his legs up in the air again and started in with the real work. Groaning as he worked almost every inch of the toy into his ass, Colin held the toy by the base and slowly rocked himself back and forth on the dildo. Colin paused for a mere moment to hook the end of the leash around his foot and pull it taut for extra pleasure. Soon enough, with a self satisfied grin on his face, Colin managed to get the entire length of the toy up his straight boy ass. Eyes closed, Colin stroked himself off even as he slowly thrust the toy in and out of his hole. 'Fuck yes!' exclaimed Colin, speeding up and fucking his own ass hard. By now, it was easy to see that Colin was loving every second of his special toy session. In a hurry to get to the next toy, Colin admitted that the much larger toy was an example of 'Colin pushing it!' Although he wasn't too sure how it was going to go, he was excited to give it a try. Legs up in the air, Colin let out a groan of discomfort as he introduced the thick toy to his ass. 'That's fucking huge!' said Colin, letting the toy sit in his ass for a brief few moments as he adjusted to the size. However, he was soon able to slid the whole toy up his ass. Panting hard, it was obvious that Colin was pushing his boundaries but enjoying every moment of it. Even though he said his ass was stretched, Colin dared himself to go balls deep but probably wouldn't be able to hold it very long. Sure enough, he pushed it all the way in to the base, Colin's expression indicating how much it hurt but also, just how much he was getting off on it. Slowly, he slid it all the way out before balancing the toy on the floor and sitting on it. Colin rode the toy like a cowboy as he jerked himself off, moaning in pleasure as jerked on the collar around his neck, giving himself some extra excitement. Bracing himself on the futon behind him, Colin enjoyed the feel of every inch sliding in and out of his ass. Now, however, it was time for the main event. Allowing the thick dildo to vacate his ass, Colin grabbed the piggy tail toy and started to work that into his stretched ass hole. This toy was tough going, Colin panting and puffing as he encouraged it into his ass. Suddenly, it slid all the way, Colin sighing in relief even as he had a huge grin on his face. Hopping up on the futon on his hands and knees, Colin turned around and showed his new piggy tail off to the camera. After all his hard work, it was time for Colin to finalise things. Dick in hand, Colin played with his dick in earnest before deciding to stand up. In position and rock hard, Colin stripped his dick in furious motions and it was only going to be a matter of mere minutes before he shot his load. Sure enough, a hard tug on his leash pushed Colin over the edge, cum sprinkling over the bedsheet covering the futon.




  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.0 (15cm)

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