Cole, Damien, & Brandon

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I had a duo shoot planned with Brandon and Damien going to do another shoot for us. The phone rang an hour before the scene was supposed to take place and Cole wanted another shoot to make some money to pay the bills that he just got in the mail. All the guys arrived at the studio and I moved them to the couch. Picking up my camera right away I started filming the guys talking. I knew that this would be a shoot that I would just keep pushing along to see what I could make happen. So, I was able to get the guys to start to get undressed for me. They all three stood up for me and started with taking off their shirts. As they stripped down to their underwear, I talked to each of them about working out and how they got the body's that they were showing off today. Cole likes to surf and he works out when he can. Brandon does work out on occasion, and then Damien is just a stoner so he does whatever. The guys sat there on the couch and stuck their hands down their underwear to start to get turned on. They sat there watching a video to get turned on, and they were very quiet in doing it. I couldn't really see what was happening and how hard each of them were, so I asked them to pull down their underwear. With that being said, I wanted to see how far along they have come with their boners. Cole and Brandon had semi-hard cocks and that was great to see. Damien on the other hand was having trouble in getting any blood in his cock. I told them that I was getting board watching them just pulling their cocks. I wanted to see the two white guys suck on Brandon's dick. Everyone was concerned that they weren't going to make any more money for this, but we finally settled on an amount. This was the first time that Brandon was going to get his dick sucked, and so here at Broke Straight Boys we were going to break him in. Both guys leaned over and started to suck and lick Brandon's cock for the first time. He started making noises right away and moaning showing he was enjoying it. Both Cole and Damien were doing great giving oral, and I wanted to see more. In talking to all of them, I told everyone that it would be great to see Brandon here fuck someone in the shoot. Right away, Damien said that he wasn't going to do it. Cole said that he wasn't into much of the ass play, but I told him that I would pay both of them what I paid him in the last shoot. Right away that got him thinking about the offer that I had. Brandon had never fucked before, so this really was a first for him today. He was a little nervous at how he was going to perform. I told him we would just take things one step at a time. Getting the room ready, the two of them prepared for doing the shoot. Damien was just going to be my little cheerleader in the shoot. Brandon got in behind Cole, and started to fuck him really slow. Cole was breathing out loud, letting me know that he was in a little bit of pain. As we got into the fucking, Brandon started to pull him back a little faster while holding onto Cole's hips. Damien in the background was jerking off and I told him to move to the front of Cole. He looked at me and then did what I asked. Cole stuck the limp dick in his mouth and started to suck on it. To my surprise, Damien was getting hard with Cole giving him some attention. Brandon was pulling Cole's ass into him as much as he could, to get in as deep as possible. I told them that I wanted to change positions and have Cole get on his back, and Brandon hopped right at the opportunity to get to fuck some more. The two of them were connecting while they fucked and I knew that I just needed to capture it, so I kept my mouth shut as they fucked. Moving in, I was hoping that Cole was going to pop his load while getting fucked. I knew that he was getting close a couple of times and that it was just a matter of time before it happened. However, Brandon was closer and he pulled out of Brandon's ass. Tossing the condom to the side he shot his load on Cole's stomach as the two of them were close to cumming. A huge, hot, white, load was shot all lover Cole's stomach and chest. Damien to my surprise shot his load right next to Cole as he got to watch all the action. I was glad to see him pop his load finally in front of the camera. Cole was the final one to share his load with everyone, and he did so all over his hand. His load was smaller, but very thick and white in color. Everyone got off for the shoot, and I was a happy camper. I was glad that everyone came in for a shoot on a rainy day and we were able to see some straight guys fuck.




  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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