Blake, Brandon, Sam, & Max

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Four ways, like southern ice tea and the solos of Lester Young, are blessings from the heavens. Here at BSB we really don't care which god(s) you pray to, but sure like to help you call her name after some "alone time." 🙂 In service to the deities above, we presenta fourgy with Blake, Brandon, Max, and Sam. Our poor bed is too small for the cuteness assembled! All are new to the experience of quartet boot knocking. "How does it even happen in real life," Blake wonders. The sound you just heard were BSBmembers lining up, ready to show him how such treats can be arranged. Clothes are quickly shed, and Max's man pipe looks like it's ready for action. Sam's schlong gets the recognition it deserves. "Damn, Look at the size of that thing," Blake says as he points to Sam's spikebit. He wishes Max luck in whatever oral loving he plans on offering to Sam. Brandon thinks all this chitchat takes away from blow jobs. Therefore, he snuggles up to Blake and goes to town on his impressive sausage. It's easy to feel sorry for Max, his mouth stretched beyond the imaginable. However, when he lets some spit drop from his mouth and uses it to stroke Sam, you know the lanky fella' needs no sympathy. Brandon chokes occasionally because Blake forces his head down. We all know Brandon has a little submissive gene in him, and gets all pussy soaked when someone takes what he wants. "Fuck yeah. Just like that," Blake encourages. Blake takes a turn at Sam's swizzle stick. Good thing for Max because his eyes are wet from the work. The two boys alternate and Blake gives an informal lesson in the deep throat. Blake's amazing gullet needs some awards. As for Brandon, he keeps those succulent lips on Blake's rod. It's time for fucking. Was anyone surprised Brandon positioned himself on his hands and knees? Blake will enter first, and Max will keep up the man meat feeding. Brandon sounds so sexy when Blake works his dick in. Whimpering from the shock of the invasion and moaning from the enjoyment. He's supposed to be keeping his mouth on Max's maypole, but the feelings in his butt are making him forgetful. Max and Blake lean over and smooch over Brandon's back. Always good to kiss when sharing a party bottom. While Brandon's two holes are being filled, Sam is two fisting himself. Blake makes sure his fucking is diverse. Some strokes short and quick. Others long and slow. Soon enough, it's time to switch ends. Blake moves up front, and Brandon gets a taste of his own ass funk. Max prepares himself to enter what Blake just left. Brandon looks up at Blake, searching for a "thank you for fucking me" kiss. Unfortunately Blake doesn't deliver. He needs to work on picking up the signals. 🙂 Max is no mild lover. "Go balls deep or don't go at all" is his motto. Sam stands up, tired of being left alone, and offers his ramrod to his curly-topped partner. It's difficult for Max to fuck and suck at the same time. Blake takes command, his throat muscles straining from the pleasuring. Sam and Blake shoot almost at the same time. Their loads land on Brandon's arched back. Max is next and his jizz is sprayed on the top of the bottom's bottom. Brandon turns on his back, letting go with seven days worth of cum on his chest and stomach. Sort of poetic considering he was fucked into next week! Any suggestions for our next fourgy?

Brandon Hart

Brandon Hart


  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 135 (62 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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