Shane & Cameron

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Shane and Cameron came into the studio today to take things to a whole new level. Their previous oral scene together was as hot as hell and I knew that their anal scene today, was going to be even better. From the moment Shane and Cameron sat down together on the futon, the atmosphere was comfortable and friendly, having already worked out they were going to do things. Shane had decided that he was going to top while Cameron was going to be getting his cherry popped. For his first time, Cameron was going to get $1500 while Shane would get $1000. With the friendly banter flying back and forth, Shane promised that he and Cameron had worked out a surprise for the Broke Straight Boys members. Both boys were ready to go, forgoing the usual porn video, and instead, they started stripping off and even helping each other undress. Cameron admitted he was nervous about what was going to happen but I reassured him that Shane was a really good person. Shane and Cameron leant in towards each other and immediately started to kiss, both guys stroking the other's cock as they put some tongue into the kissing. With the futon opened up, the boys quickly positioned themselves into a 69, Cameron getting Shane hard within only a minute while Shane worked on Cameron's dick. Cameron had Shane moaning for more, especially when he deep throated Shane's big cock. They flipped around so that Cameron was on all fours, leaning over Shane and sucking his dick while Shane was laying on his back and swallowing Cameron's cock. Finally, both boys were ready to move things along, Cameron even helping Shane by rolling the condom down onto Shane's thick shaft. With Shane laying on his back, Cameron, surprisingly, chose to squat over Shane and lower himself onto the hard cock. It was a bold move for a first timer and it certainly wasn't an easy position to start out in as Cameron was the one who was going to have to do all the hard work. Cameron slowly allowed the cock to breach his virgin ass, only to have to take a quick break as it proved too much, too soon. I let Cameron get used to the cock in his ass off camera, turning it back on as Cameron was able to sit fully on Shane's dick. Bracing himself with one hand on Shane's chest, Cameron started to slide himself up and down Shane's dick in short, swift motions. Groaning each time he sat back down, Cameron's expression clearly showed that he was in a bit of pain, even as Shane tried to distract him by tugging on his cock. After only a few minutes, they switched to the doggie position, Shane slowly pushing into Cameron and setting a gentle pace. With a hand on Shane's leg to guide the pace, Cameron was still experiencing more discomfort than he had expected so Shane decided to flip Cameron onto his back. Legs spread and jerking at his cock, it was clear that this was a much better position for Cameron as Shane was able to pick up the pace and really start pounding the straight boy's ass. While Cameron was concentrating on his deep breathing, there were a few hints that he was experiencing a bit of pleasure as he was now hard as a rock. Suddenly, Shane pulled out, ripped off the condom and sprayed Cameron liberally with cum. With a couple of fingers in Cameron's ass, Shane watched as Cameron kept wanking, Shane himself still rock solid and looking like he was going to cum again. Cameron needed to be able to concentrate properly on getting himself off, as having just been fucked was proving somewhat distracting, so he moved away from Shane and kept jerking off. Sure enough, Cameron orgasmed, cum spilling over his hand and down his shaft. Both guys were exhausted but we will be seeing them back at BSB again and who knows, maybe I can get Shane to bottom for Cameron next time?




  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.5 (17cm)

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