Ayden Troy & Carter Blane

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When we last saw Carter Blane, he was taking it easy as Brandon Hart was servicing his massive tool. Today Carter is on the BSB couch with Ayden Troy. Carter will be pole slurping for the first time, and Ayden will watch/receive the show. Neither boy is comfortable with the set up, and express anxiety. Our cameraman offers invaluable advice to Carter. "Suck his cock like you like your cock sucked," the cameraman. Both nervous nellies decided to go the extra mile today because of cash flow problems. Carter's budgetary affairs are consistently mysterious; he just offers a grin when asked for specifics. "You don't want to know my bills, Carter remarks. Both stand up, and lose everything but their boxers. Carter reaches over and pulls Ayden's pud. Poor Ayden. He looks extremely uncomfortable. He's asked to turn around to show his fuckable ass. Carter gives it aswat. When they sit back on the couch, Carter continues his hand massage. Our curly topped model shuts his eyes. Maybe thinking about his girl? For an inexperienced anaconda inhaler, Carter is pretty brave when he first goes down. He takes all of Ayden, using his silken tongue to swirl around the head. When asked how things are going, Ayden tries to be noncommittal. "He's doing good," he smirks. That stiff dick says more than good, but no need to call Ayden out (grin). Both get off the couch, with Carter hitting his kneecaps. This might be the first time giving a guy pleasure. All that sucking makes his eyes tear, but his dick, pointing to the ceiling, tells the saga. He's getting off giving head. Carter's technique is worth copying. He alternates from deep throating to jerking the sausage. He gags twice, but doesn't let that keep him from his work. Both get beck on the coach, and Carter jerks his dick as he continues working Ayden's tool. Ayden's eyes aren't shut like they were at the start. He looks down at the cute boy making love to his meat. With no warning, Carter's money shot squirts out. "Shit, That's a lot," Ayden says. The man juice comes out unexpectedly, glazing the cocksucker's tanned thigh. Can the choir say excited? Carter jerks his partner to climax (with Ayden's instructions). The load doesn't match Carter's, can't really, but Ayden does shake as he cums. After all is done, both insist they prefer girls and money. Fine with us as long as they return for more action!

Carter Blane

Carter Blane


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 145 (66 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.5 (19cm)

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172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5

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