Austin, Wes, & Casey

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Well, today I had with me Wes, Casey, and Austin who were back for another shoot for Broke Straight Boys, and all three of them were 21. They have done some great work with us so far and I told them that I am trying to get the girls lined up with them. What I did was I told them if they would give me a really good shoot together, I would give them $1000 if they do a shoot. Then, next time I would get them the girls. Each one explained to me what they wanted to do with their money, right before I had them start to get undressed. It was the same ordeal for them to undress and start to touch themselves. Austin didn't take long to get hard at all just a little bit of touching seemed to do the trick. I tried to convince one of them to take it up the ass even for $2000 to be fucked by a monster of a cock. Casey Wood has an eleven inch penis that is eight inches in diameter. I told Austin to start to suck it and he started to suck the giant penis. I had Wes lean over to help him out as well. It was funny because neither guy was able to get half way down on Casey's cock. Really, it was hot watching the two guys lick, bite, and suck the giant cock on Casey. Then, I had Casey lean over and start to suck on Austin's dick, and then Wes was going to continue to help out Casey. Of course, we can only stay that way for so long in the shoot, before I made them switch and go the other way. After watching the guys suck dick for a while I then decided to change things around and see some fucking. I got a closer look at Casey's monster cock with the camera. Casey was going to get fucked by each of the other guys. They put the couch into a bed and then Austin got in behind Casey and this was only his second time ever being fucked by a guy before. After Austin was able to get all the way in Casey's ass with his cock he was able to pick up some speed. At the other end, Casey sucked on Wes's cock for a while and it was hot to be able to see some three-way action happen. Austin made the comment that Casey's ass was tighter than pussy. Austin looked very hot, as he went to town fucking the hell out of Casey and he even made him flip over for an easier way to fuck him. Meanwhile, Wes and Casey laid 69 style on the bed sucking dick. Switching around Wes got in behind Casey and as soon as he had the condom on he started to put his dick inside Casey's ass. But, he didn't start out slow at all, and Austin was at the head and liked to have his dick sucked. They moved to the end of the bed so that it would be easier for Wes to be on the floor standing and kneeling. Casey was even letting out some moans as he was getting fucked and I liked how load Austin breathed for the camera. Austin was the first one to shoot his load on Casey's chest, and after that he had to catch his breath from breathing so hard. Even after he came Austin wanted to continue to fuck Casey. Wes moved to the side and jerked off, and I thought that Casey was going to blow his load at any moment. Casey changed positions and went to riding Austin's cock, and we weren't one minute into the new position before he shot his load on his chest. Plus, Wes went at the same time and was able to hit Casey's chest. There was cum all over Casey's body and it was a great job that they all did and now after all of that I cause I need to get them some girls. Until next time…

Casey Wood

Casey Wood


  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 155 (70 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.0 (20cm)

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