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The plan was that I was going to invite Ace and Tyler back, and Tyler was going to be in on that I wanted Ace to get fucked in the shoot. Ace knew that when I called him up that I wanted to see more than what he has done with us before and because of that he would walk out my door with the most money that he has ever made with me so far. He needed the money pretty bad, so I knew that he couldn't really afford to turn me away. With that being said he wanted to do the shoot later that day, and I told him that I just had to check with Tyler. Once everything was in place as far as schedules, I only had like two hours before they were going to arrive at the studio. I spent the time getting the shoot room ready with everything that I was going to need and porn in the player for Ace to watch in order to just speed things along. Tyler arrived first and we went over what I hoped for him to help me get Ace to do on camera. Then, there was a knock at the door and in walked Ace, and I directed him right to the couch. I told Ace right away that I was going to pay him $1200 to do the shoot and that I wanted to see him get fucked. There was a lot of hesitation there, but Tyler spoke up and told Ace that it wasn't that bad. The money was the only reason to do it, and once it was over he got to walk away with all the money in his hand. With Ace seeming to lean in the no direction for getting fucked, I asked him if he wanted to fuck Tyler instead. However, that seemed to be a no as well, so I didn't know if this was going to be a no go for me to do the shoot. Tyler wasn't going easy on Ace, and that was when he came out with the news that he was going out on a date with a new girl that night. That was news to me, because last time he told me that he wasn't looking to date anyone. Tyler needed money to pay for dinner and all the extras, so he told Ace to step up. Ace said that he needed to pay bills, but just didn't know if taking a dick up the ass for the first time was the way to do it. However, I got him to at least say that he would try it. When they started getting undressed and taking off their shirts, Tyler told Ace that he better go through with it to make sure that this date happens for him. Both guys continued going for the rest of their clothes and they removed their underwear as well. Taking a seat on the bed facing the TV, they were stroking trying to get hard. I had Tyler not waste any time and had him go for sucking Ace's dick, which was much harder to start out than in any other shoot so far. Tyler was great at putting the entire dick down his throat to show Ace how it was done. After a while I had them switch and it was Ace's turn to give a little oral. It will take him some time to get used to doing it right, but he started out with only putting some into his mouth at a time. Once Tyler was hard, he put his hand on the back of Ace's head and pushed down trying to control the speed and depth. I saw that Tyler would thrust his hips up to face fuck Ace, but Ace wasn't having that he blocked him with his hand. Ace wasn't going to jump at the opportunity to start the fucking, so I told them that it was time to get into position. Getting on his knees he faced the corner of the bed, and Tyler put a condom on and applied some lube. With that he moved in and started to push the head of his dick into Ace's very tight, virgin hole. Tyler was just trying to get his dick to stay in and then he could work up some speed. The faster that Tyler seemed to go the more vocal Ace seemed to get, and I think it was the fighting the fucking that got Tyler so turned on to force it. Maybe we needed to try another position to see if that would help. Flipping Ace over onto his back, Tyler pushed his dick back in to continue and with as loud as Ace was getting I realized that Tyler forgot to put more lube on. I had him pause for a second and add more to his dick in order to make Ace a little comfortable. Ace wanted Tyler to slow down, to take breaks, but Tyler wouldn't do it. I was very proud of Tyler for giving me a great fucking scene of him fucking the hell out of a straight boy. Tyler was so into the fucking and with the asshole as tight as it was he was close to shooting his load. I almost didn't think that Tyler was going to get his condom off in time, but sure enough he did shooting his load right onto Ace's stomach. It was Ace's turn to shoot his load and to be completely honest I thought that Ace was going to give me a copout that he wasn't going to be able to finish from the pain. However, he was able to get his dick hard from stroking for a few minutes and then he gave me a warning that he was going to cum. Seconds later he started shaking his body and shot his load right onto his stomach. I asked Ace afterward how it felt and he said that, "it hurt!" I told Tyler that I would let him hop in the shower first so he could get ready to go on his big date. Ace took one for the team and proved that he was a man by taking a dick up the ass for the first time.




  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.5 (19cm)

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