Shane, Nu, Chasen

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I talked to both Shane and Nu on the phone about doing a shoot and that I would have a surprise for them if they did it. Both guys seemed to be interested in getting some work to make some easy money. We setup a time for them to come into the studio the next day for a shoot. When they arrived I had them take a seat on the couch and then I told them that I had another model that I wanted to introduce them to and that my hopes were that they would do anal. I called for the model to come in and in walked Chasen our stallion with a giant cock. The other two models just looked up at him. Taking a seat on end of the couch, I brought up that Chasen was going to top both of them and that Shane was going to bottom for the first time. Of course, Shane was starting to slowly build up to freaking out about a cock coming anywhere close to his ass. Nu has bottomed for us before, but even he was freaking out when he heard from Chasen that he had an 8 and half inch, very thick cock. To prove a point I had Chasen stand and pull out his dick soft to show them. I told them that we would do a circle jerk thing, with some oral, but that I wanted to see them fuck at some point soon. I made all three stand and strip down so that we could do the scene. All three of them were straight, and wanted to do some work with girls. I told each one of them that I would work on seeing what I could do to make that happen. When I got to Nu he said that he was trying to talk his girlfriend into doing some work with our other site, that we have. When he told me that she was interested in doing some work, I told him that I would see about pairing them up together to do a shoot. Moving back over to Chasen his cock was pretty close to being fully hard, and I had him pull it out to show us. Jumping to his feet, it was Nu who stripped out of his underwear first and the other two just went for theirs to follow. Sitting back down Nu reached over and started to help Shane out by giving him a hand job. After giving it just a couple of strokes he leaned over and started to give Shane head. I was a little shocked that Shane leaned right over and started to give Chasen head as well, and he didn't wait for me to tell him. As the Broke Straight Boy Wave was going in one direction Chasen reached over with his hand and was rubbing Nu's back for some body contact. I moved in close to get a close up of Shane's mouth opening really wide to take a mouth full of cock. Shane let me know that he was getting lock jaw from it, and I told him that we could give him another hole that would hurt. He just fake laughed and continued. I stopped them though and had the guys go in the other direction on the couch, and Nu snaked his hand through the bodies to stroke Chasen off. Next, since Shane was in the middle, I had the guys on the ends, both tag team sucking on Shane's cock. Chasen went first and Nu would step in when Chasen took a break, the guys were good about body contact always going between the three of them. They kept things switching up and I had Chasen take a turn at being in the center, Nu got his chance at sucking on the giant cock. When I had the two guys suck on it at the same time, it was an opportunity to show Shane loosing up doing the shoot. When Nu went back to sucking on Shane's dick, it seemed like Shane was going to be able to get off from the oral, and I was excited to see that. As Shane was enjoying the head he jerked Chasen off. Sure enough Shane gave a warning that he was going to bust a nut, and he did on Nu's lips. Then, Nu even swallowed most of the cum, sucking all the cum off that was on the tip of Shane's dick. I tried to see if Nu could do the same thing to Chasen. While they were in position I had Shane jerk Nu off with some lube. The lube seemed to help, because when Nu got close to blowing a load he took over from Shane and shot his load right onto his stomach. While Nu was busy busting his nut, Chasen stroked his dick. I got a warning that he was going to shoot his load as well, and that's when I moved in for that shot. Good thing too, because Chasen had a small load and that was all due to him doing a shoot earlier in the day. Afterward I told the guys that they did a good job and they seemed to be getting better at being on camera. My hopes were that they would come back and give us an anal scene. Just will have to see what works out with schedules I guess and if they really want the money.




  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 195 (88 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Dick Size: 9.0 (23cm)

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