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I invited back Scott. I was really impressed with Scott. Okay, I'm in love with him..this boy is HOT in my opinion. Being straight and doing this for his first time, he did great with his solo. Scott is into sports and is a really hot smooth jockish twink boy and I figured to place him with Tyler. I wanted Tyler to work him over and to see if he agrees with me regarding Scott. I introduced Scott to Tyler on this episode and was hoping that Tyler would bring Scott out of his shell. So I had the boys undress and get into there undies and get hard. As they were getting hard, I told the boy to take off there undies and we had Scott to start sucking on Tyler's cock first. It was very new to him but he was going slow and getting into the idea of sucking cock. As Scott was sucking on Tyler's cock, Tyler was stroking Scott's cock with his hand and he seem to respond pretty good to Tyler's handjob. I continued to have Scott suck on Tyler's cock and I know Tyler was really getting into having Scott's warm wet mouth teasing his cock. Tyler then turned his efforts to Scott and started sucking on his throbbing bone. Scott was really enjoying what Tyler was doing and then reached over and started stroking Tyler's hard cock. These two boys are really hot and look great together! As the sucking and stroking continued, both boys had raging hard-on's I would have loved to see some fucking but Scott was not fully into his comfort zone as of yet and just getting and learning the joys of dick sucking and handjobs. In the meanwhile as Tyler continued sucking on Scott's cock, he was moaning and groaning and loving the fact another boy was sucking his cock for the very first time. I had the boys switch and told Scott to suck Tyler's cock just like he did to you. He was getting a better handle on cock sucking 101 and I think even Tyler can see the improvement in his cock sucking skills as Scott was sucking him really good. At the same time Tyler was stroking on Scott's rock hard cock, lubing up his hand and stroking his hot cock. As Tyler was stroking his cock, it seem that Scott's dick sucking skills improved and both boys were loving each others company and forgot about the fact I was there filming. Both boys have really hot cocks and as Scott's mouth was getting tired, Tyler kept on stroking Scott's cock while pulling on his own. Tyler's lubed hand firmly gripping Scott's cock and stroking at a steady pace was making Scott close to cum and being in ecstasy was enjoying Tyler's firm hand wrapped around his cock stroking and teasing his cock. Tyler's hand was getting tired and both boys took control of there own cocks and stroked them, which boy will cum first. Scott's cock was rock hard and he was the first to blow his load shooting his cum onto his hand and stomach, once he came, he watched Tyler and within moments Tyler came shooting his load with such action that his cum hit neck and upper chest spurting loads of jizz onto himself. I'm really getting impressed with Scott and again invited him back to do more stuff warning him about doing anal.

Scott Dalton

Scott Dalton


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 140 (64 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.5 (19cm)

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