Paul Canon & Duncan Tyler

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"Plain and simple." This is how Paul Canon describes his upcoming scene with Duncan "donkey dick" Tyler. Today's set up is for both lads to top and bottom. Neither is particularly excited about the video's plot, especially Paul. His virgin ass might not survive the ravaging it's about to receive. However,as Duncan notes everything will be better in the end. With some greenbacks in his pocket. 🙂 The boys get immediately to work. A more fair description is Paul sucks first. He goes slow, which is smart technique for a monster like Duncan's. "Fuck," Duncan says as Paul's mouth is stretched. Paul is the first BSB model who can deep throat Duncan without gagging or wiping tears off his face. He lovingly licks that sausage like it's prized meat. Which it is. LOL! "Fucking suck that dick," Duncan demands. Paul pulls up, and Duncan puts his head in his partner's lap. The moment his lips get on the pole, Duncan gags. "Come on. You got to practice sometime," Paul commands. Paul's tool is thick, and it gets slick with Duncan's spit. He tries to deep throat, but his neck constricts with the effort. Duncan must be doing something right because Paul's rod is rock hard and ready for some surfer ass. LOL! Duncan gets on his hands and knees. Paul slides up and tries to enter the man hole in one stroke. Duncan immediately recoils due to the intrusion. "Go easy," Duncan begs. "Come back," Paul commands as he pulls his partner back on his dick. It takes a few tries, but Paul eventually gets in. He has to go slow because Duncan's booty is virgin-lite tight. Duncan grunts and moans as Paul heavilybreathes. He finally finds a slow rhythm as he goes balls deep into Duncan. "Fuck," Duncan moans. Paul is too into the fuck to actually pay attention to Duncan's grunts. Those in BSB land who have grooved to Duncan's voice will find his moans even sexier. Low and guttural. Paul pulls out and returns to sucking Duncan's dipstick. Getting it hard and ready to do damage his own plump ass. Eventually Paul gets on his back as Duncan lubes up. He grits his teeth the moment Duncan's head touches his ass crack. "Go slow," Paul whines. Paul puts his hand on Duncan's thigh to keep from being anally invaded completely. He whimpers and curses, but tries not to ask for mercy. When Duncan's tempo increases, Paul's moans getlouder. Sweat forms on Paul's abdomen. "Oh, damn," he whimpers when the pain/pleasure gets too much. Despite the sweet ache, you can only have your prostate jabbed so many times before it's time to bust. Paul does, his man juice covering his already slick stomach. Duncan pulls out and strokes out a substantial load. It squirts out and lands on Duncan's tan chest. "That was pretty nice," Paul observes. Smart boy, no? 🙂

Duncan Tyler

Duncan Tyler


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.5 (22cm)

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