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Today, I thought I would break up the usual futon opening scene by letting the Broke Straight Boys members take a look around the Green Room. On the Green Room sofa were Braden, Mike R and Diesal, waiting to start filming an oral scene together. The three boys stood up and stripped off, leaving their sneakers on before sitting back down on the couch. As we discussed a price for today's scene, the boys were playing with their dicks and eventually, we decided on $700 each but if they did a good job, they would get $800 a piece. With the porn playing on a laptop, Braden turned to his right and swallowed down Mike's cock while Diesal, also turning to his right, slid Braden's dick into his mouth. As he was giving Mike a blow job, Braden wrapped a tight hand around the cock shaft and concentrated on tonguing just the head, all the while, Mike watched him intently with a smile on his face. Diesal was working just as hard on Braden's dick, his head bobbing up and down as the shaft started to harden, even as he wanked himself off. They swapped; the Broke Straight Wave going the other way as Braden and Mike turned to their left. Braden took on Gigantor while Mike had the task of managing Braden's big dick. Braden immediately went to work on getting Diesal as hard as rock while Mike was doing a pretty good job of almost deep throating Braden's dick even as he jerked himself off. Diesal, gently thrusting up into Braden's mouth, commented that Braden was pretty good at sucking dick. Mike suggested that Diesal sit up on a stool so up he hopped, one leg laying on the back of the couch while Braden leaned right in and went back to work on the long, thick cock. Mike was sitting next to Braden, his head bobbing up and down quickly as he blew Braden. Like always, Mike couldn�t help but sneak peeks as Braden slid Diesal�s dick in and out of his mouth. They switched it up again; Braden sitting on the stool with Diesal kneeling on the floor in front of him, swallowing down his cock while Mike sat on the sofa and leaned right down, taking Diesal�s dick deep into his mouth. Braden was soon moaning for more as Diesal pulled out his tricks, however, Braden quickly suggested that they do a round robin on the floor; where each of then would suck and be sucked. They lay on the floor in a rough circle; Mike sucking on Diesal who was blowing Braden whom was giving head to Mike. It was clear that all three boys were pretty close to coming but it was just a matter of who first. They broke off sucking on one another and Diesal got a �wank shot� of an attractive woman and stuck it to the floor, saying that they were going to come on the photo. Mike, Diesal and Braden knelt around the wank shot and jerked themselves off in a race to come first. It was only a matter of a minute before Braden announced he was ready to cum and sure enough, Braden shot his load towards the photo, a few drops landing on the woman�s face. Diesal and Mike weren�t far behind him, with Diesal coming next. Diesal�s cum spurted far and wide over the floor but missed the photo so it was up to Mike to soak it. Mike�s cum shot had perfect aim and you could actually hear the cum landing on the photo!




  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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