Maverick, Angel And Sean In 3-way Fun

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Angel, is 19, from Spain and is here as a student. Maverick, and Sean came by to also do a shoot and all three guys were broke from the holidays and both the guys have been doing pretty well despite the money situation. I have kept the promise of providing all three of these guys with a girl, but it has proven to be harder than I thought to make happen. However, I do have one girl who is interested in working the three guys, but she wanted to watch them have sex together first. Kind of kinky right? Well, I asked them to have sex, and I told each of the guys what they would need to do. I told them that there was some ways for them to make some great extra money. Getting undressed all the guys started with their shirts, then the shoes and socks. Soon, the shorts were soon to follow. When the guys got down to their boxers and briefs they started to rub their selves to get turned on. Each of the guys got a boner after a short, time, and I had the two on the ends suck Angel's dick. Maverick was the first one to put the cock in his mouth and go all the way down. Sean got down on his knees in front of Angel and started to suck his cock. After a bit, he moved over to sucking on Maverick's cock. It looked like the three guys were starting to get into messing around with each other, and so I had them put the couch into a bed. Angel and Sean took turns at sucking on Maverick's dick and he was enjoying every minute of the pleasure. When Sean would take a break he then would go to jerking off Angel, and sucking as well. Time to switch and Angel laid down and Sean and Maverick took turns in sucking on his dick. Maverick sucked the cock for a while and was able to take all of the dick down to the base in his mouth. Sean then positioned himself in a better place to be able to give the best blow job he could. Now, it wasn't going to be fair for Sean's dick not to get any action. Right away when Maverick started to suck, Sean let out some moans and was grabbing the bar behind his head. Later after the shoot I found it that it had been a while since Sean has gotten head from his girlfriend and that he really doesn't like to do it. Both guys seemed to have given him a really good blow job, but I couldn't tell who seemed to do a better job. Angel got in behind Maverick and forced his legs up into the air. He got his dick inside Maverick's ass and when he was in, Angel started to go to town. Angel was able to go for a pretty good speed until he lost his hard on and needed to take a break. Sean got hard and then he stuck his dick in Maverick's ass. He slowly started to pump away and then one he was in then everything was good to go. Sean started to fuck Maverick a lot faster and Angel took a hold of Maverick's feet so things go a little easier. Maverick seemed to be enjoying getting fucked and was breathing pretty good for me. The three guys looked hot, and Sean liked being able to fuck his ass as fast as he wanted. Pulling out Sean tossed the condom on the floor and got ready to blow his load all over Maverick's stomach. When he did cum the load shot all the way up Maverick's chest and on his dick. Then, Maverick actually jerked off with the cum load in his hand, and Maverick had to squeeze his dick really hard in order to get off. However, when he did start to have his orgasm all the muscles in his legs started to wiggle more and he came on his lower stomach as well. He had to catch his breath after that workout and he just wanted to lay there. Angel laid next to the three guys and jerked off after they were done and he just wanted me to focus on just him. What was nice was the fact that Angel is one of those guys that doesn't take a long time to cum and can do it whenever I need him to. His load was nice and thick so when it hit his stomach it was really easy for us to see. I handed all three guys a rag to clean up and they did just that. We put the bed, back into the couch so I could wrap up the video. I told them that I think that it turned out very hot and was glad that they had a fun time.




  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.5 (19cm)

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