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Lucas Weston and Brandon Beal are the star's of today's update. Brandon will offer his phat booty for some raw exploration. A normal person would humbly, and gratefully, accept this gift. However, this is Mr. Lucas we are talking about. So he starts with his standard histrionics. "I really hate the idea of fucking a guy's asshole," he says to the cameraman. "I don't like it." "You'll manage. You'll mange," Brandon reassures. Lucas isn't having any of that. Even offers a biology lesson of what the ass is used for. "I feel like I'm gay or something doing that," he opines. When the conversation turns to what will be done with the money, Lucas explains he is on his own. He was living with his father, but Poppa Weston found out how Lucas pays the bills. "He was kind of a dick about where I got the money," Lucas explains. "He called me a faggot and hoped I died an AIDS ridden faggot." "A loving father," Brandon notes. Considering the boy's background, we might need to cut Lucas some slack when he goes melodramatic. Onto less heavy topics, the cameraman observes Brandon looks like he's been hitting the gym. The cute stud won't answer, but he flexes his chest. He needs to stop his hotness right now!! The two get on the bed, and remove their underwear. Lucas sucks first and for a dude who hates it, he sure knows what to do. "Yeah, slobber all over it," Brandon suggests. Lucas does so. He gags for effect, but his own tool stays hard. Brandon pushes him down, making Lucas take as much meat as possible. He rubs Brandon's balls as effort tears appear. After whining about a tired mouth, Brandon takes over. He shows how easy it is to deep throat (minus hysteria). "Fucking take it," Lucas moans. Brandon spits all over the sausage, getting it wet and slick. Hopefully Lucas takes notes. LOL! When asked how Brandon is doing, the boy with the curled toes offers the funniest line in BSB history. "It's intense," Lucas opines. "It's really fucking intense. I wouldn't call it good. It's a little bit too strong." Anybody want to deconstruct that? 🙂 It's fucking time. Brandon on all fours, and Lucas lubing up. Brandon's backside has always been better than perfect, and the camera shows it in full glory. Lucas enters raw and fucks ball deeps. Brandon puts his face flat down and takes everything. His cheeks shake from each stroke. "Fuck my asshole," Brandon orders. Lucas slaps a cheek and fucks with more force. Brandon moans louder, but takes what Lucas is giving. Lucas plays the role of demanding top, but we all know a true bottom can't hide who he is. LOL! There's another smack of Brandon's cheeks. The bottom just grabs the edge of the bed. Brandon gets on his back, putting those fine legs in the air. Lucas gives a slap or two, but they are harmless taps. "Take that fucking dick," he orders. The fucking pace picks up. Brandon is beating his meat with furious anger (grin). His jizz sputters out, coating his stomach. Lucas keeps pumping away until he has had "enough." "Get your fucking ass out of my face," he demands, pushing Brandon away. Is there a clearer sign of Lucas' cray cray ways? Would you push Brandon out of your bed? 🙂 Brandon just laughs and gives the "disgusted" top a seal of approval. When asked how he feels, Lucas repeats a line from Weston the elder. "I feel like a fucking faggot." When pushed for a fuller answer, he offers the second funniest line in BSB history. "It did feel good but I still feel like a fucking faggot."

Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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