Johnny Forza & Brandon Beal

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The BSB community will howl in protest after watching this update. Oh, it's more than hot. Has Johnny Forza or Brandon Beal ever given an uninspired performance? However, this is Brandon's official cherry getting popped scene, NOT the one we posted, at the end of September (he was paired with Denver). Sorry for the confusion. Blame it all on the writer (that's me). Now to more pressing matters. The vid starts with both models, on the bed, in their underwear. Brandon is pitching a tent and Johnny's second head is peeking through the slit of his underwear. "I'm taking your flower," Johnny slyly says. "I'm very excited, actually," the cameraman notes to Brandon. "So do a good job." "Yeah, do a good job," Brandon repeats to Johnny. "I'm a professional," Johnny observes. The banter ends and the two stroke each other. This ends soon,which makes sense seeing how both were hard when everything started. They throw the undies to the side, and Brandon fills his mouth with New Jersey meat. "Damn,"Johnny groans. "Get that dick nice and wet." Brandon does exactly what he's told, making Johnny's johnson juicy. Watch how Johnny's toes curl from the oral ministrations. "Easy with the teeth," Johnny requests. What is the deal with straight boys not knowing that dick and molars don't mix! Brandon uses spit as lube as he strokes that heavy piece. He bobs up and down, never getting to the base. "You want some," Johnny asks. "Fuck, yeah," Brandon replies. He pulls up and Johnny snuggles into his partner's lap. Has anyone noticed how loudly Johnny breathes when he's pole loving? LOL! "Go deep," Brandon demands. Johnny tries, but gags. "Oh, yeah. Lick that fucking cock up," Brandon orders. Mighty demanding for a guy who will soon be biting the pillow! 🙂 Johnny can't keep things as slippery as Brandon, but the Garden State boy's gags are sexy sounding. The time for cherry popping comes around, and Johnny let's everyone knows who is really in charge. "Lay down," he demands. Brandon gets on his stomach. Lube goes where it should. Look at Brandon's face as he gets entered. First his eyes are open and then they close. "Slow," he begs. He bites the sheets and then completely submits. "Oh, it feels so fucking good," Johnny declares as he pumps away. For Brandon it's pain and pleasure. "It hurts a bit, but it's a good hurt," Brandon whimpers when Johnny asks how he's feeling. There's a great view of Johnny's delicious ass going up and down as he hammers home. Brandon keeps his eyes shut, with an occasional plea for the fucking to slow down. His moans get louder as Johnny smacks against that pale ass. Brandon might be hurting, but his dick ain't. When he gets on his back it's hard enough to cut every diamond on the continent. "You're so fucking tight," Johnny observes. That won't be true after all this is done. Our blonde stud is stuffing that hole, and Brandon is furiously beating his own meat. His breathing gets ragged and he grits his teeth. Soon Brandon explodes all over himself, a load coating his stomach. He shakes after he shoots his wad. Johnny pulls out, a considerate man, and jerks himself a hefty load. The first shot lands right between Brandon's pecs. Too bad Johnny didn't lick that juice up. Brandon's chest is built to be savored. When asked how it feels to be sans cherry, cum drenched Brandon is all smiles. Has a new pass around bottom been discovered? 🙂

Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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