Jed Athens & Ali Steele

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Jed Athens and Ali Steele kiss passionately as this movie begins. Jed is a tall, lithe, power top and Ali is a muscular, stocky, power bottom. A perfect pairing. Jed pulls down Ali's briefs showing off his bubble butt. Ali gets on his knees and follows Jed's commands to suck his cock and lick his balls. Jed fucks Ali's face getting ready to pound his ass. Jed turns Ali around and power rims his ass. He spreads the cheeks wide and feasts on Ali's eager hole, spitting and fingering it. The finger is soon replaced with Jed's rock hard pole. Jed plows Ali doggy style. Ali, exhausted, lays on the couch while Jed sucks his thick cock. Ali asks Jed to eat his hole again and Jed throws Ali's legs back and goes for it. Soon he prods Ali's hole with several fingers while sucking his cock at the same time. Ali goes crazy, moaning loudly with pleasure. Jed rises over Ali and fucks him athletically, doing push ups while his cock plummets deep. Jed shows us what a power top really is as he pile drives Ali in positions that, quite frankly, are too hard to describe. You'll just have to see it! Ali strokes his cock while on his back shooting his load on his abs as Jed furiously fucks him. Jed Athens straddles Ali and jacks shooting his wad onto Ali's face. Jed's cum covers Ali Steele's beard, eyes and nose. Ali sucks Jed dry and Jed then feeds Ali his cum.

Ali Steele

Ali Steele


  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5' 8" (173cm)
  • Weight: 180 (82kg)
  • Dick Size: 7 (18cm)

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Cocksure Men - Jed Athens & Ali Steele

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