Cj, Dustin & Tyler

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I know that when I want a really good show to go on for the camera, to call in my guys that I kind of consider to be regulars. In going through my phone, I talked to Dustin to see if he would want another shoot. When I talked to him, he said that he had been chatting with a couple of models, and knew of some guys that would come in to do a scene. I gave him a time and day for everyone to show up. To my surprise the guys were Dustin, Tyler, and CJ. They wanted me to pay them a decent amount, and then for that they would put on a really good show for me. I went along with what Dustin was pitching to me, and decided to see what would happen. Giving the guys a green light to get started, they jumped up and started to get undressed. The shirts came off, along with the pants and when it came to underwear it was different for each of them. CJ took his off with no hesitation, but maybe that was because he was hung like a horse, and on his way to being hard. The other two followed in getting naked and all of them took a seat down on the couch. Forming a line on the couch, Tyler went to sucking off Dustin, while Tyler was getting head from CJ. I always get a kick out of watching Dustin get head and his cock go from soft to rock hard by being deep-throated. CJ was in the back ground of the shot working on getting Tyler hard. They all three hopped up and said that they would switch things up. Just standing back and letting the guys control the scene, they got the couch into a bed. Dustin put on a condom while CJ applied some lube to his asshole and got on his back. Putting his dick in the tight hole, Dustin was getting turned on by getting to fuck. His cock started to go a little limp while he was waiting for CJ to relax enough for him to slide all the way in. However, after a few minutes they were able to get going at a good pace. Dustin had CJ's leg pulled up against his chest while fucking, and Tyler was getting head from CJ to keep him busy at both ends. When Dustin started to go soft, the guys decided to switch positions. Tyler decided if he was going to bottom, it needed to happen soon. CJ got his dick hard with all the movement that was going on and wanted a chance to fuck instead of always having to take one up his ass. CJ laid there with a condom on his dick, and Tyler sit on it to get started. It had been a while since Tyler last got fucked here on camera, so I knew he was going to need a moment to take it in. Sure enough though the guys were able to pick up some speed and make the fucking interesting. After Tyler was getting into the fucking, Tyler got on his knees and was going to get fucked by the monster cock in his ass. Dustin got behind him and pushed his dick up inside Tyler's tight hole. They were fucking long and hard, and the sound of Tyler's ass getting pounded could be heard on camera. But, Dustin didn't stay with the position for long before he flipped Tyler over onto his back. Once they were able to pick up where they left off, CJ told Dustin to suck his dick. All three of them were getting some action, and CJ was forcing Dustin to keep sucking. At the rate that Tyler was jerking off I figured it was only a matter of time before he shot his load. Dustin pulled out and acted like he was going to be shooting soon as well. All three were jerking off, and Tyler was the first one to cum. He came shooting his load all the way up his chest and some even got on his neck. CJ asked Tyler to move in closer, and shot his load all over his stomach. CJ had a giant size load that I haven't seen from him in a while. Last to get off and cum was Dustin who appeared like he hadn't gotten off in over a week with the size of load that he shot on Tyler's stomach. All three guys did a great job, and I was happy with the show that we put on. They had cum all over the sheet and were ready to hit the showers after that.




  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.5 (17cm)

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