Cj, Austin And Damien

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Putting Damien, Austin, and CJ on the couch the plan was for Damien to have his first threesome experience here on Broke Straight Boys. All the guys were excited to be in the studio. For the shoot all of them were going to fuck, and each one of them was going to bottom. Damien was going along with things and when I asked him how he felt about getting fucked. He didn't really seem to mind, he was keeping open to the experience. I told them to be fair that I would pay them $1500 to do the shoot, but my only stipulation was that I wanted Austin and Damien to kiss in the shoot at some point. I knew that Austin was not into the kissing either, but would do it since he knew that I really wanted it a part of the scene. I had the guys get started for me by taking off their shirts, and to do that all three stood up. All three had a little different body types from one another. The guys continued to work on getting out of their clothes and down to their underwear. As we talked about all kinds of things off to the side there was CJ playing with his dick with his underwear pulled down in the front. CJ has no patients for foreplay, he wants to get in do the fucking and be on his merry way. Since he was already to start, I had the other guys take off their underwear as well as they stood there, and they took a seat on the couch. I told Austin that he has been here before and kind of directed scenes in the past, and I wanted him to take charge of what and when they did things. He saw that CJ wasn't very hard yet. His first decision was that they were going to give oral to one side forming the blowjob wave. Austin sucked on CJ, Damien was kind of in a weird position to suck on Austin; however the guys made it work for a while. CJ was completely turned on with the way Austin was deep-throating his whole cock. That's when Austin paused to lift his head, to tell the guys to switch and go in the other direction. Damien just put his head back and let Austin do his magic, and then I noticed that he watched everything that Austin was doing. He placed his hand on the back of Austin's head, just so that he could have control. They did oral for a while, and when it seemed like they were ready I asked if they wanted to move on to fucking. The plan was that Austin was going to start by fucking CJ first to get him warmed up for Damien to have a turn at CJ's hole. The guys got ready and into position, and so Austin started to direct his dick towards CJ's hole. It took a little while for CJ to relax enough for Austin to get more than the tip of his cock in. I noticed that Austin was very patient with him to make sure that he got comfortable, before going faster. He made the comment that CJ was very tight, and as it became easier for them to fuck the two of them picked up speed. The guys switched around so that Damien's would get a turn to fuck CJ, and see how well he would do. CJ put his hands on Damien's thighs to help control his speed so that things didn't go too fast to start. From there, Damien worked up the thrusting forward and both of them seemed to be enjoying it. I knew we still had a lot left, so I had Austin take his turn on his back to get fucked. Damien put on a new condom on and they were ready to get started, Damien had some issues getting his dick in just, because it had been a while since the last time Austin got fucked. Inch by inch Austin's asshole swallowed up the cock, until it was all the way in, and to keep Austin busy and his mind off of what was doing on. I had CJ put his dick in Austin's mouth to keep him a little quiet as well. The guys fucked for about 5 minutes, and then it was time to switch again. Damien was going to have his cherry popped right here on Broke Straight Boys by Austin, and it's always exciting when a straight boy bottoms for the first time. Austin had to just start with only putting the tip in to start, and work on building up very slowly, because Damien was experiencing a little bit of pain. After Austin was able to get his whole dick in at one time, he actually pounded the virgin kind of hard. Then, Damien said that he had enough and that it was time to do something else. The last thing that I wanted to try was to have the guys do a fucking train. Starting in the front was CJ in the doggy-style position, from there Austin was able to get in and fuck for a few seconds. Damien moved in behind him and stuck his dick right in Austin's hole. All three of them started to move around, and they all had to get in a kind of rhythm with one another. I also noticed that they guys on the ends also stayed still and Austin in the middle kind of moved back and forth. Austin yelled out that he was about to cum, and so the guys stopped what they were doing and all to a place along the wall to jerk off. From there, they stroked to watching some porn and Austin was the first one to cum. He shot his load clear up to his shoulder. The other two continued to stroke, and I just kind of watched to see which one was a little closer. I noticed CJ's grip on his dick was really tight, which is always one of his signs. He didn't give me a real warning, and when his dick came, it went all over his hand and down his dick. Moving to the end of the line, Damien pumped one out for us, and he shot his load. It was a very tiny load, compared to some of the other ones he has had doing shoots, but they all can't be massive I guess. The guys cleaned the cum up with the underwear they had on, and then they got right up to head to the showers. The straight boy Damien got his cherry popped!

Austin Grant

Austin Grant


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.0 (20cm)

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