Carter Blane & Kodi

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Whenever Kodi is in the BSB studio, an angel gets his wings (grin). The fan favorite shares today's scene bed with horse hung Carter Blane. It's been too long since Carter's last appearance. He's back due to never ending bills. "Bills suck," Kodi observes. Who can argue with that, especially when the words come out of such a sexy mouth? Both of these dudes are pros, so they strip rather quickly. The performers jerk their individual slabs, getting hard with ease. Kodi blows first and Carter moans the moment his head is licked. "You like that," Kodi asks. "You have such a big cock." Kodi's sweet mouth is stretched to the max. He can't deep throat Carter's monster, but licks it like an ice cone. Don't miss the drool that slides out of Kodi's mouth. He pulls up from his duties and jerks the meat. When he looks at Carter's third arm, he's mesmerized. Awed by its size, and possibly worried about the anal damage it will do? Carter takes his turn at pole love. "Ooo, yeah. Lick that dick," Kodi commands. Kodi's sausage is also a bit of a mouthful and Carter chokes when he deep throats. However, Kodi really doesn't mind because Carter has, since his first video, has transformed into a dick sucking expert. "You like that," Carter wonders. "I like that a lot," Kodi replies. And if you doubt Kodi's words, look how his toes curl! 🙂 "You ready to fuck me in the ass," Kodi asks. Don't you love a dude who knows he has to take one for the team? "Hell, yeah. Let's go," Carter says. Carter lubes up and puts a condom on. Kodi faces the camera and straddles his partner. The moment he sits on Carter's dong, Kodi's face grimaces. "Oh, fuck," he groans. He doesn't go balls deep. but it's hard to blame him. That is a lot of meat for a man hole. Kodi spews filth, taking his fucking like a man. "Fuck, yeah," he cries. They switch to doggie, and this allows Carter an opportunity to go in as far as possible. Kodi is gritting his teeth and crying out loud. However, Carter really doesn't care. He wants that ass. Wants to make sure Kodi has a special ache tomorrow. "Just like that," Kodi whimpers. They change positions for one last time, with Kodi getting on his back. Watch his face when Carter slips back in. He looks like this is the first time he's been busted. "Oh, yeah," Kodi says. "Fuck that ass." Carter doesn't need to be told anything twice. LOL! Kodi eventually nuts, covering his stomach in goo. Carter pulls out, and strokes to a climax. "Oh, yeah, dump that load all over me," Kodi says. Carter does, depositing his cum onhis scene partner's pubes and pale tummy. Hold on! It ain't over. Kodi sits up and licks Carter's cock clean. After a few licks, Kodi looks up like he wants a smooch. Alas, Carter doesn't do pick up on the signal. Welcome back, Kodi! You were missed! And Mr. Blane? When a guy is begging for a kiss, give the dude some lip lock! 🙂

Carter Blane

Carter Blane


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 145 (66 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.5 (19cm)

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172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5172 votes, average: 4.99 out of 5

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