Bsb Party Series Conclusion

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After the last night of parties the boys were a little more excited about doing the last shoot, and especially because they got to stay in a better hotel room. Looking at the last video that the boys had done Tyler was behind the camera directing the other boys. Austin, Nelson, and Danny who were sitting on the bed shirtless and were talking about what happened with the drag queen on stage. Tyler even had Danny give a little demonstration as to what had happened. Danny stripped out of all of his clothes and held a washcloth in front of his cock. When Danny was done showing off, Tyler made the other two boys get naked to catch up to him. In figuring out how they were going to make the scene a little more different than all the rest they have done Nelson spoke up that he wanted to bottom. Needing a little push, they knew that action needed to start happening. Nelson was the first to do anything; he moved and got into position to start to suck on Austin's cock. Sitting off to the side Danny just played with himself, and then to seem like he was participating in the scene moved in closer to Austin. He started to lick and bit Austin's nipple. It seemed to be a little too uncomfortable for Danny to stay in that position, so he moved over to the other side of the bed down on his knees. It was much easier for him to play with Austin. Looking back over at Nelson, he was sucking dick and being a champ about it. Austin's cock was as hard as a rock, and he was moaning pretty load. To keep Nelson deep-throating Austin would thrust his hips forward forcing his cock down Nelson's throat. Tyler made Nelson stop giving oral to Austin and had Danny hop up on the bed. That was when Danny was treated with receiving a blow job. Danny stayed up on his knees and Nelson was able to get most of it in his mouth. Austin just jerked off to keep his hard on, and not lose it. Sure enough though Danny got hard from the oral, and enjoyed listening to Nelson gag on his cock. Tyler told Danny and Austin to kiss as they were next to each other on their knees. Leaning towards each other they started locking lips and even used a little tongue. They both got their dicks sucked by Nelson who was trading off going back and forth. Tyler gave them the idea to try to put two cocks in Nelson's mouth at the same time. Nelson tried, but let's face it two huge cocks are hard to deep-throat. After a bit of trying though, Tyler spoke up telling them to get ready to fuck. To get the started, Austin was going to be go first in pounding Nelson's dick. Once Austin had his cock lubed up he spread Nelson's ass apart and put his cock just inside the tight asshole. With one quick and solid motion he pushed all the way in not giving any warning to Nelson. Austin fucked Nelson hard, and fast making Nelson moan and want to suck on Danny's cock. After a while in the doggie-style position they guys switched things up and Nelson got on his back. It appeared to me watching the type that Austin was just trying to see if he could fuck Nelson hard enough to make him moan. As they were messing around and Tyler told them to try some double penetration. The guys decided to overlap legs and get as close as possible to get Nelson to sit on them. After a couple of failed attempts they finally got in another position. Danny laid on his back and put his dick in first. Then, Austin was able to side his cock in over it, and then they both were in at the same time. The only one who was able to do any movement was Austin, but in listening to Nelson all he could do was go for a ride. Danny and Austin's balls were smacking each other as they fucked Nelson. With all the fucking that Austin did he was getting close to shooting his load. He pulled out and jerked off over Nelson's back. He came shooting his load all over Nelson, and Tyler announced that it was his turn. Austin told Tyler to wait until he was ready, and the guys stopped to get in another position. Nelson got on his back with one leg up in the air, and Tyler was able to put his cock right in there. As the two of them were fucking Danny came up and started giving Nelson head. Danny had Nelson lick his nuts to get him turned on. At the same time, Nelson let out that he was going to cum. Sure enough he came a huge load all over his stomach and chest. Tyler pulled out and shot his on top of Nelson's making him even stickier. Danny took a minute, but he shot his load on the upper part of Nelson's chest. All the guys were going to get cleaned up after all the sex, which I am sure that they needed long hot showers. Tyler and Austin were itching to sell me the tape.

Austin Grant

Austin Grant


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.0 (20cm)

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