Bronson Gates & Trent Atkins

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Burly Bronson Gates catches Trent Atkins lazing about on the bed and reminds him that he has a game to get to. Trent says he's tired and doesn't want to go. Being the coach, Bronson lays down an ultimatum: "You either hit the field, or you hit this," gesturing towards his cock. Bronson whips out his big dick, the site of which immediately makes Trent's eyes open wide. Trent eagerly swallows Bronson's cock with new found vigor, making the big bear moan. The coach takes his turn sucking Trent's cock. After rimming his boy he spreads Trent's ass apart and shoves his thick meat deep inside while taking a lick at Trent's soft foot. The game is the last thing on Trent's mind as Bronson rams his cock in and out of Trent's hole. It feels so great that Trent cums while still getting fucked by Bronson. Seeing Trent's sticky mess immediately sends Bronson over the edge and he sprays Trent with a load of his own.

Bronson Gates

Bronson Gates


  • Age: 44
  • Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
  • Weight: 220 (100kg)
  • Dick Size: 7" (18cm)

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