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Braden is a typical straight model. He applied online and filled out our application and sent us his pics. Although I liked his looks, he did indicate on his application he was "very straight" I like when boys like this contact me because it gives me a chance to negotiate and convince them to do gay porn for our studio. In a case like Braden he was very reluctant to do anything with another guy. When speaking to him on the phone he told me that he applied for straight porn studios but they only offered him at best was $200 per scene. A friend of his that already does straight porn told him the only way to make large amounts of money is to do gay porn and that is how he came to us and applied. What amazes me is that many straight guys think they can do gay porn and its all about the money and then when I do a phone interview and explain to them they have to be comfortable sucking and fucking another guy they are reluctant. I have no idea what goes through a straight boys mind when deciding to do gay porn and what they think we are going to ask them too do on camera. After my initial phone interview, I gave Braden a few days to decide. Within 72 hours he calls me back and tells me that he's willing to keep an open mind and that he will do a solo, get a blow-job from another guy and he will fuck another dude, but he has to be the guy fucking. I agreed and invited down to film. We started him off slowly and began with the usual solo video. This is a really hot solo and this kid is a real natural! I loved when he took off his shirt and showed off his smooth hairless body and with his cocky straight attitude flaunt his body. He kind of reminded me of another hot porn model but I wasn't sure. When he removed his shorts and just hanging out in his undies…he had a really hot bulge and those white undies looks really good on him. I then had him sit down on the futon and he started to stroke his cock…he looked really good and he seemed to be very comfortable with the lights and camera. As he was stroking his cock…it grew and it looked super hot! He has a really nice dick and as he was pumping his cock…I loved when he was moving his hips…and then it dawn on me that he reminded me of Jeff Stryker the popular porn star of the 80's. His voice and his action really made me remember of the days when I use to watch Jeff Stryker and I knew we had to get this guy to do more stuff. As he pumped his cock some more…he busted his load all over his stomach with jets of hot jizz squirting from his hard throbbing cock! This is truly one hot solo scene!




  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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