Blake, Jeremy & Austin

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The three boys that I brought in to do a shoot was Austin, Jeremy, and Blake, and I wanted them to put on one of the hottest shoots that we had ever done here on Broke Straight Boys. I started with introducing Austin as our bi-sexual boy gone bad, he was pumped to get to do another shoot. Sitting next to him on the couch was Jeremy who is straight, very broke, and desperate to the point that he was going to bottom for the chance to make $1500. The last guy sitting on the couch was Blake, our gay, anti-broke straight boy who has sex with girls. The group was mixed guys that I figured would give a little something to everyone. I was ready to have the boys get down to business. The first thing I had them do was stand up for me and take off their shirts. Stripping them off, their bare chests were exposed and Blake seemed to have only a little bit of a tan. This made his skin color stand out from the color that was painted on the wall behind him. As for the other two, they had some darker skin tone to them and also some muscle definition as well. Stripping out of their pants and shorts, the guys were left in their underwear. All of which had on briefs of some color, and Austin was the first to take his off tossing them to the side. I asked Austin if he wouldn't mind just taking control of the scene and being a little directive when he wanted the others to do something. He said he was fine with that, as he played and flopped around his dick. I pointed out to Jeremy as Austin's dick became bigger, that it actually gets smaller, trying to make him not as nervous for what was coming his way. Knowing that Austin needed to be hard as a rock to push his way through Jeremy's virgin asshole for the first time, I had him take a seat in the middle of the couch. The other two guys were then going to give him head and suck on his balls. Both guys took turns sucking his cock, and Austin seemed to like having two guys servicing his dick. I told Austin that it would be great to see him kiss the straight boy, and he agreed that it would be hot. Jeremy was keeping his mouth all over Austin's balls, and Blake was concentrating on the tip of Austin's cock. However, Austin directed Jeremy to take a break and suck on his nipples. As Jeremy's lips and tongue worked their way around Austin's body when he came up for a break, Austin moved in to kiss his lips. The two of them kissed passionately for a while, and would break away to bit a neck or lick a nipple, but there was a connection there for sure. Everyone was clearly turned on and ready to fuck. I had the guys get into position, and I had Blake lay on his back up towards one end of the bed. Then, I had Jeremy get on his knees over Blake in the doggy style position. Austin got a handful of lube and applied half of it to his dick and the other half to Jeremy's hole knowing that Jeremy would scream without it. Starting very slowly, Austin began to push his dick in slowly and work to about half way in. Then, he pulled back until he was almost out, repeating over and over gradually putting more of his cock in each time. Until he was all the way in, and he could pick up some speed while they fucked. Austin slapped Jeremy on the ass a couple of times, hard enough to make his cheeks red. Calling out to Blake, Austin wanted to know if he was ready to have a piece of the straight boy ass. Jeremy flipped over on this back and Blake was able to get his dick in much easier, now that Jeremy was relaxed. Austin stayed up by Jeremy's mouth in order to get head to keep him hard. It was hot to watch Austin bend down and kiss Jeremy while he was getting fucked. Austin wasn't going to give up the chance to fuck the straight boy one more time, before any of them got off. Blake pulled out and moved back to where Austin had been sitting. Pounding away at the straight boy ass Austin picked up where he left off, knowing that he was getting close to cumming. Meanwhile Blake gave Jeremy a blow job to keep his mind off things, and then with some lube in his hand he jerked Jeremy off. Picking up speed as he stroked the straight boy's cock, it didn't take long before Jeremy called out his warning. He came shooting his load on his stomach by Blake's doing, the straight boy enjoyed every moment of it. One last thing to do before the other two could get off and that was Blake's turn at taking a cock up his ass. It had been a while since our gay boy had been fucked, so he was a little shy about letting Austin go loose on his ass. As Austin thrust his hips up off the couch forcing his cock in the tight ass, Jeremy was in the back rubbing Austin's balls, and squeezing Blake's ass. Austin was great at fucking and had it down to a skill, with rolling his hips and doing a bunch of different techniques to keep the action going. Jeremy started to spank Blake's ass making it bright red. Flipping over on his back, Blake was a lot more vocal in this position and Jeremy even locked lips with Blake for a moment. Jeremy was completely turned on getting fucked and watching the other two boys kiss. Austin quickly pulled out and busted his nut on Blake's stomach, shooting a huge load all over him. Blake then started to stroke his cock to get off after everyone else, and it only took him a moment before he came as well. All three guys got off, did a hot job fucking, and made the shoot really intense for everyone to watch.

Austin Grant

Austin Grant


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 8.0 (20cm)

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