Blake, Damien & Jeremy

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This shoot that was arranged after Jeremy, Damien, and Blake all completed their solo shoots with me. I talked them into doing a shoot that would involve jerking off with other guys and performing oral. It took some persuasion, but I think that the money did all the talking for me. On the day of the shoot all the guys were very laid back and relaxed. I started out filming and had introduced them from one end to the other. Jeremy was on my left side, and he was the oldest out of the group, 22, straight, a waiter, and very broke. Damien was sitting right in the middle and he was the youngest, 19, straight, a player, and looking for any chance to make some money. And the last guy sitting on the couch was Blake, who was 21, gay, but has sex with girls for the fun of it. He too was broke, but I find it a little odd that he likes guys, but has and continues to have sex with girls. We went through how many partners each of them has been with and Jeremy has only been with a couple of girls while both Damien and Blake have been with numerous partners. I told the boys that this was going to be a circle jerk type shoot with them jerking and sucking each other, and everyone was okay with the $800 they were going to make. Popping the question I asked the straight guys if they had every jerked off with friends to porn when they were younger? Damien said that he had watched porn before, but no one actually whipped it out and started jerking off. They just went to the bathroom with their boners to get off. As for Jeremy he said that he kind of had the same thing happen, but everyone did pull their dicks out. I explained that this shoot was going to be like that with a few exceptions. They were going to touch, suck, and do all kinds of things with one another. After that I had the guys take off their shirts, and in one quick, smooth move Damien was able to get out of his shirt. After seeing that I wanted to see how he was going to be able to get out of his pants. He wasnt able to do it quit as easy. All three guys stripped down to their underwear, and thats when I had Blake go to work. His job was to start with Damien and get him hard before moving over to Jeremy. Blake got down on his knees and pulled Damiens underwear down exposing his limp cock. Taking the dick in his hand, he pulled on it, trying to get it to start growing for him to suck on. When Blake began giving head, I asked Damien how it felt and although he said it was weird he said it was good. Damien put his hand on the back of Blakes head to get him to keep going. In watching Jeremy play with his dick off to the side next to them, he was having a slow start, so I asked him join in on the oral action. Between Jeremy and Blake one would suck on the balls while the other one sucked on the cock. After a while though I thought that it was Jeremys turn to get his shot at having someone suck his dick. I had him move to sitting in the middle of the couch, and thats where I had Blake start with giving Jeremy a BJ. Damien being the guy of dominance that he was, reached over and pushed Blakes head down to make him swallow the dick. When Damien saw that Jeremy wasnt getting hard, he grabbed a handful of Blakes hair and pulled it to direct him back over to sucking on his dick. To get the guys to try one more thing, I had both Blake and Jeremy stand up in front of the couch. Jeremy started with blowing Blakes dick to get him hard and to repay him for his services that he got to enjoy. Damien got his turn at face fucking Jeremys mouth for a minute before I knew that these guys were getting close to wanting to shoot their loads. I had them all three take a seat on the couch, back in the original order that they started in. As they pumped their dicks and raced to get off, it was a wonder of the order that they would be able to finish in. Then, I got my first warning that Blake was ready to cum. I moved in to get the final shot, and with his hand moving as fast as it was when he came, cum went flying all over his hand. If it wasnt on his hand, it was at the base of his cock. Sure enough it was only a few seconds later that Damien was ready to bust his nut, and so when he came his load when on his stomach. The last guy to go was Jeremy, and I just wondered in the back of my mind if he would be able to finish. All of a sudden he shot his load all over himself, so all three guys got off in about the same fashion, but the best part was that it was down the line one after another. They all said that they felt much better after that, and I told them that I would have another surprise for them soon.

Blake Ward

Blake Ward


  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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