Blake Bennett Fucks Damien Kyle

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When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are kneading their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like the two are embarrassed to be so interested in what the other might be packing. Blake, the wily BSB veteran, reaches over. First he touches Damien's thigh to check to see if it's cool to fondle the merchandise. LOL! His hand grabs Damien's bulge and that causes Damien to do the same. The studs feel each other up, their dicks straining against their clothes. Damien pulls his pants and underwear mid-thigh, and Blake gets to really stroke that sausage. Damien gets fully naked first, and the two stand up. There's that awkward moment when they're not certain about kissing, but lips are put together. Blake sits on the couch, and swallows Damien's johnson. Blake takes his time. Licking the head, slobbering with the shaft, and going to the base. You can tell Damien likes it by the way he strokes Blake's hair. He also face fucks his partner. Another sign of enjoyment. 🙂 Blake gets that tool sloppy wet with spit and pre-cum. Damien leans down and gives him an effort kiss. "Fucking suck my cock," Blake says. So bossy. LOL! Damien gets on the couch and lets his mouth be used. He swallows everything Blake has, and the stud mutters encouragement. Damien needs to come up for air from time to time, but only briefly. He wants that meat in his mouth. There's another brief smooch before Damien straddles Blake. He puts his hole above Blake's bone and takes a seat. He sits balls deep and then goes up and down. Damien is a bottom in control, taking what he wants. He's making Blake work for that sweet ass. "Oh, fuck," Damien groans. Damien is put on his back, his legs held part. Blake gets back in the boy hole and pounds with passion. "Fuck, me," Damien orders. "Harder." Blake does so, giving the boy everything he can. But a hard fuck isn't complete without some kissing, which the two do. Blake gets back to giving Damien a meat injection. "Look at me," Blake commands. The fucking picks up, with Damien moaning. He beats his meat and his first stream of cum hits the bottom of his chest. Blake pulls out and works his bone to a nut. His man milk splatters the top of Damien's stomach and his pubes. After calming down, Blake leans in for a final smooch. "Fuck, he says," Which gets a sexy ass grin from Damien!

Blake Bennet

Blake Bennet


  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.5 (17cm)

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