Beau Flexxx & Blake Daniels

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Blake Daniels says "You've got a nice big dick," which is the understatement of the year after seeing Beau Flexxx's HUGE tool. Beau is a specimen all around, but his cock is a thing of absolute perfection. Blake drops to his knees to try and take as much of Beau in his mouth as he can. His throat proves to be no match for Beau's thick dick which is just too long and wide to be swallowed. With both studs at full mast they stand up and rub their cocks together. Blake then lays back on the couch and Beau goes to work, sucking Blake's tasty meat. The guys switch it up and then frott a bit more before Blake gets on all fours to thrust his ass in the air. Beau doesn't hesitate and buries his tongue deep in Blake's hole. Wet and ready, Blake begs for Beau's thick dick. Beau eases himself into Blake's ass and begins pounding. "Gimme that big dick!" shouts Blake as Beau fucks him harder and faster. Blake Daniels cums all over his tights abs while Beau continues to thrust away at his tight ass. Beau Flexxx deposits his warm juice all over Blake which he then rubs into his smooth skin.

Beau Flexxx

Beau Flexxx


  • Age: 33
  • Height: 6' 1" (185cm)
  • Weight: 195 (88kg)
  • Dick Size: 9" (23cm)

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Cocksure Men - Beau Flexxx & Blake Daniels

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