Ayden Troy And Liam Corolla

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Today's all oral video will include some rimming. Liam Corolla will be doing that job as Ayden Troy receives the licking and lapping. This will be a first for Liam. "Never had the balls to do it, but I think after this…" "So this is a stepping stone, learning experience, for you," Clay observes Ayden's booty has never had the pleasure of a tongue, but he has done the service before. "I suspect it won't feel terrible," Ayden notes. If that isn't the new mantra for BSB, there isn't one! 🙂 Liam adds the whole thing might be different if he still had his tongue piercing. A good point. What happened to that, Liam? Because neither performer is innocent when it comes to BSB protocol, clothes are removed and Ayden sits on the floor. He opens his mouth and laps Liam's lollipop. In no time, Liam gets hard. He thrusts his hips out, moaning as Ayden swallows and sucks. Ayden even looks up at Liam to make sure he's doing it right. LOL! Liam isn't complaining. Just offering appreciative moans. He offers his balls for some oral love. "Yeah, lick it like a hot dog," Liam suggests as Ayden tongues the shaft. Ayden doesn't get all of the meat in his mouth (he'll need to work on that), but his own tool is standing straight up. It's rimming time, so Ayden gets on the chair with his booty sticking out. "Rim those butt cheeks, boy," he orders. Liam gives that ass a good slap and let's the camera get a peek of that hole before he starts eating it out. No tentative licks for him. "How do you feel about your asshole being licked," Liam asks. "Not bad," Ayden responds. "It does feel weird." Liam spits on the hole and tugs at Ayden's meat. Soon the studio is filled with Ayden's moans and Liam's lapping. Are you jealous of Liam's lady friend who will get the benefits of this lesson? 🙂 Ayden takes a seat and Liam gives that johnson the same type of oral attention. He spits all over it as it fills his mouth. Ayden is in heaven. "Oh, fuck," he whispers. Liam sucks as he's beating his own meat. "You're so good," Ayden says. "Thanks," Liam replies. Ayden's baby maker has never been this hard and juicy. Liam is working overtime to make it pop. "Squeeze that dick," Ayden orders. Liam does so, and soon Ayden pops a load that coats his pubes. Liam stands up and strokes his tool. His man milk mixes in with Ayden's. Liam's hand is slathered in cum! What else do you want to see from these two? 🙂

Ayden Troy

Ayden Troy


  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 135 (62 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 6.0 (15cm)

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