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Alex came in to do some work with us, because has always had a fantasy of messing around with straight guys. He is 22, and not really broke, but because of his fantasy I thought he would be perfect to use. Brandon is 19, straight, and a student at MIT college that is looking to make some money to buy some of his books. I told them that I was just going to have them jerk off next to each other and that this was going to be a test shoot. Having the guys stand up I had them start to get undressed by removing their shirts and pants. The two of them took a seat on the couch and started to touch themselves in the briefs to get turned on. Looking over their bodies I noted that both guys were smooth, in-shape, and seemed to be pretty comfortable. When I told them that they could take off their underwear at any time, they did so right away. Brandon the straight guy, was first to get a hard cock, and I could tell that Alex got turned on by seeing his boner. The two were very quiet as they jerked off next to each other. Alex would rub his upper chest with one hand while jerking off with the other. I started to notice that Brandon started to rub underneath his balls and touched his butt hole. As he did this he spread his legs wide open for us to see, and then even put one foot up on the couch to get more comfortable. Alex saw this and he too started to do the same thing. Brandon would close his legs and rub them together as he jerked off to a fantasy he obviously was playing in his head. Watching the two of them jerk off on the couch, I had no idea who was going to cum first or how the rest of the shoot was going to go. By now, everyone should know that on Broke Straight Boys I try to have the guys at least touch each other, and sometimes do more than just touching. However, it all depends on if the models are motivated by money to make this happen. I was to the point that I was going to make this happen, however Brandon wanted to talk about it and not be on camera. I took him in the next room away from Alex so that he wouldn't be embarrassed. He told me that for right now, it didn't matter the money that he wasn't going to be touching any guy's dick, and no guy was going to touch his. With that being said, we returned to the shoot room to finish everything up. Both guys continued on jerking off, and it took a while before I was for sure that I was going to be able to have them finish. However, Alex made it clear that he was about to shoot, and when he did there were a couple of bursts of cum that shot all over his stomach and arm. I was glad to see that he had a very good size load to share with us. Now, the pressure had moved to Brandon to make sure that he was going to be able to wrap up the shoot with a good cum shot as well. He started moaning and breathing out loud as he rubbed his balls and jerked off. Brandon shot his load right on his lower stomach and it was a white, thick load. It was hot to see that they both were able to finish and wanted to come back for some more work.

Alex Holt

Alex Holt


  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Dick Size: 7.0 (18cm)

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